Can You Have 2 Different Paypal Accounts

  1. with all of this fraud, is there any way to have two paypal accounts to the same verified address?

    i would like one for my eBay transactions as a buyer seller, where i'll only have a cc hooked up (with a super low limit, of course) and one with my bank acount (which is sort of a must for me because i send money to my sister a lot and also recieve payment for freelance jobs like this) for personal use.

    is this a good/bad idea?
  2. yes i do this too, to keep my buying and selling seperate for tax reasons. exactly the same way you have above you just can't use same cc or bank account on one account
  3. last time I checked with eBay UK you could only have one personal and one premier account but not two premier accounts. I think the premier would have to be your selling account as it is the account where you can withdraw unlimited amounts. I am not sure if this applies to eBay US as well btw.

    that said, they will automatically link the accounts based on your name, at least that is what happened with me, even if you use other financial info.
  4. My account has been restricted for months, and they've asked me for id and an utility bill. ID is fine, but I board with other people and i'm not the one who pays any bills directly here so I don't have an utility bill, so I emailed the resolution centre asking if there were other forms of documentation they would accept and they said no... so... is it possible to have two accounts with the same bank details?
  5. I dont think so , I am going through the same thing. And it really sucks
  6. would they accept a mobile phone bill? that would have to be in your name right?
  7. I'm on prepaid... basically you just buy credit and use it up, so I don't get mobile bills either! I think i'll just wait it out until they close my account which they said they will do... I only have $2 in there. Who knew getting addicted to handbags actually has a perk :smile:?
  8. Use any type of credit card or any utility bill that shows your registered name and address that matches your account. Don't ask them, just fax it with your cover sheet.

    If you open another paypal account you need to use a different name, address, credit card, checking account, etc, if your account is currently restricted. If it is not restricted you can have two accounts, one personal and one business or premier at the same time.
  9. I don't think you can have the same banking details on both at the same time though. I know that you can't have the same credit card attached to 2 PP accounts, but I'm not sure about the checking account.
  10. Remove all your information from the paypal account that you can. put in fake info if you have to.

    When you open a new account, all the financial data has to be different. You can have the same name and address I'm pretty sure. Either way, when you are signing up for the new account, you will just get a notice that the info you entered is already associated with another account. Than you can go back and change it. No biggie, keep trying until you get it to open.
  11. Ooooh... that is a brilliant idea... and I don't have a credit card. I'd go broke... in my attempt to save i've gotten to a point where I have no utility bills? That's sort of... funny.
  12. Yes, its possible to have 2 PayPal accounts, because I have 2. One strictly for ebay and one for anything else.

    They wont let you open 2 if you are restricted, and I can guarantee that they will ban you forever if you try to open another, they will track your name, ISP, etc.

    What about a credit card bill in your name with the # blacked out? They wont accept that?
  13. Lol I don't have a credit card. I'm honestly stuck, I get no bills whatsoever under my name.
  14. ^^^ lol....under different circumstances, it'd be wonderful not to get any bills under your name! so what are you going to do now that you don't have a Paypal account?
  15. I was just thinking that 'in all my attempts to divert all bills away from me, it seems that i've actually hit a snag...'

    I don't have a clue. I'm sort of just waiting it out so they close the damn account already but it seems unlikely, I mean they never do anything. But then again i'm in no urgent hurry because my bank account looks pretty damn good after these days of non paypal :smile:.

    Hehe... thanks everyone for their help anyway. I really appreciated it.