Can You Guys Tell me what kind of scarf this is??

  1. It looks silk and i really love the color and i cant find it anywhere!!

  2. This oddly resembles a pashmina my friend brought back for me from India. Mine has a grayish blue color and is a silk/cashmere blend. You may want to check at local department stores in the accessories section. I've seen similar pashmina scarves at Nordstroms.
  3. Yup, it is a pashmina, I just bought a blue one the other day. You can find them almost everywhere with a range of different prices. As mentioned, look in the acccessories dept. in large dept. stores(Saks, Nordies, Target, Kohls, NM, etc.)
  4. i just saw a scarf in that same color (not silk, though) in Target yesterday. i felt it and it felt really really soft and was of good quality. i have several pashminas so i couldn't justify getting one but i definitely recommend them. they had several different colors, all gorgeous.