Can you guys tell if this is real please? I id a lot of comparing, but don't know :o/

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. thanks!
    MJ sta 2.jpg MJ Stam.jpg Mj Stam 3.jpg photo 037.jpg photo 041.jpg
  2. Wow, quite a long title!
    Re post this to the "authenticate this" sticky at the top of the Marc forum.
  3. Hi Labello-they will tell you in authenticate this but I am sorry to say this is a fake bag... Among other things the white tag is incorrect for Marc Jacobs.
  4. besides the tag, what else?
  5. I was going to mention the tag as well. The stiching doesn't line up on the bottom of the bag. I don't own a Stam but that may be a sign as well.? Owners of Stams can speak about that better than I.
  6. ^^you will get more response and explanation if you post it in the appropriate thread. thanks!
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