can you guys help me to identify this balenciaga bag?

  1. Hi,

    I found pictures of this balenciaga bag a few weeks ago, saved them to my computer.. but i have no idea what website that was now...Anyway, i thought its really pretty.. but i have no idea its name and i havent seen it around on TPF yet.. so can you guys help me out?


  2. It looks like a fake Brief with Giant Gold Hardware to me.
  3. Oh.. so the bag doesn't actually exist?

    Im sori.. my knowledge of Balenciaga bag is rather limited :sad:
  4. the Brief is a real bag and exists but your pic is of a fake one...
  5. Sori.. didnt mean to post a fake bag picture here on the forum..

    I might be going to Balenciaga boutique over the weekend and would like to see this bag in real life.. thats why im posting here to find out the name of the bag...

  6. I have a Brief and it is lovely - I recommend it to you.
  7. u mind posting some pictures??

    Since the one i posted are fake.. really wanna see how the authentic one looks like
  8. no problem! Just wanted to let you know!
  9. Real GH Briefs are fantastic.
  10. I am rather new to the B-bag..

    How do you differentiate the authentic ones from the fakes ones? Cause to me.. i cant see much differences..

    Is it the leather or the hardware?
  11. The leather looks terrible on that bag..also the handles are covered with tissue paper, which I think is generally a giveaway for a "fake" bbag.

    I know some ladies can tell from the hardware on a bbag if it's authentic or not..but I'm not that knowledgable, so I couldn't tell you if anything's wrong with the hardware on that particular bag lol

    Are you going to balenciaga new york to check out the bags?
  12. Under Balenciaga Shopping there is a thread where people have talked about how to identify fakes. Also, if you want to see more pictures of the Brief, I think there is a thread somewhere where everyone was posting pictures of theirs. Good luck!
  13. The Brief is a great bag, here is the link to the Brief thread. Good luck!
  14. Hello Potusss

    I have tried to get you some photos of my Brief. As I told you the weather is dreadful here in the UK. These were taken when standing on my bed in a dark room on a dark day!!

    One is too dark and the other one suffers from too much flash. The colour is a paler brown than it looks here.

    The bag has gold giant hardware and its colour is Truffe (truffle). It came from a legimate website in Italy called Luisaviaroma. I have carried it around quite a lot so it has got quite saggy now.
    Brief 1_edited-1.jpg Brief 2_edited-1.jpg

  15. Thanks for the information :smile:

    I am not in NYC sadly hahaha.. went over to the boutique yesterday, they only have the B brief with the regular hardware.. it was gorgeous nevertheless.. Im waiting for the magic call from the SA now..