Can you guys help me find a cute everyday bag?

  1. Okay ladies,

    Today I'm shopping for two handbags..... One just a everyday cute and pretty handbag without it costing a fortune. I've done a lot of handbag shopping lately and would love something different yet classic without having to feel so guilty about how much I paid for it type of bag.....

    The second one I"m trying to find is a black soft patent quilted handbag (not Chanel) buy maybe one that looks something like it that can be used everyday too? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. I like Anna Corinna City Totes as an everyday bag.


    Regular size
  3. I just got my AC City and I am totally in love with it. Lately I can't seem to put it down so it has become my everyday bag, but I am careful to not put it through to much...i don't want anything to happen to the bag!! I have it in Butterscotch and it is fantastic!!
  4. Try or, some sound bag designers makers on these sites. Hand made and cheaper than brands.
  5. Thanks ladies, those are great suggestions. Handbag shopping isn't as easy as it looks!
  6. I say go for a casual Longchamp pliage tote. Very classic looking and will hardly break your wallet and get a Marc Jacobs quilted bag!!!! :yahoo:
  7. cole haan has some very nice everyday bags...hayden harnett does as well...andrew marc, francisco biasia, check out the kooba sale website as well!