Can you guess ?



  1. Cersies (something)

  2. Wallet

  3. Groom (something)

  4. Pochette

  5. Panda cles

  6. Vernis Roxbury

  7. Lockit

  8. Pastilles Key Chain

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  1. Take a guess......
  2. A pomme d'amour ?
  3. i guessed, only one item? i guessed the lockit....but should i also add an accessory guess? :graucho:
  4. Okay what are we guessing? what you purchased?
  5. Pastilles Key Chain???
  6. How are we going to guess?

    well, perhaps Pastilles Key Chain
  7. take a guess on what?:shrugs: :confused1:
  8. Bagfetish edited her original post. She had said she has something new coming to her and we should guess what it could be.....
  9. hmmm, I guess that it is something made by LV :p

    I'm glad that there isn't an "All of the above" button :roflmfao:
  10. OMG these polls mess me up :shame: :shame: :shame:

    So today I have a New Louis Vuitton Item arriving... Can you guess from the poll list what it is ?
  11. Guess
    Cersies (something)
    Groom (something)
    Panda cles
    Vernis Roxbury
    Pastilles Key Chain
  12. I guess Roxbury....I'm pretty sure you had been talking about it one time!
  13. I guessed Pastilles Key Chain :s
  14. I guessed the pastilles key chain...I have one coming tomorrow!
  15. I guessed lockit. Probably because I've been eyeing one for myself!