Can you guess what I got at the sale? *PIX* giggle

  1. oh i'm such a tease :blush: pictures of the whole items in a couple of hours! :heart:
    gucciguess.jpg gucciguess2.jpg
  2. Argh, not fair!! I want to find one on-sale. :crybaby:

    Did they have any messengers??!
  3. This is like that Zooma part in Cranium! I tell you that I love the Eclipse bag so far!
  4. It looks like an Eclipse tote to me
  5. UPDATE! Here's bag one! And you were right mssmelanie and beljwl it's an eclipse! YAAAYY:woohoo:

    my FIRST gucci EVER
    guccione.jpg guccione1.jpg guccione2.jpg guccione3.jpg guccione4.jpg
  6. gucci number twoo!!!! :yahoo: this one i bought, the other was a gift from my bf for my 20th birthday :heart::heart::heart:
    guccitwo.jpg guccitwo1.jpg guccitwo2.jpg guccitwo3.jpg guccitwo4.jpg
  7. oh! thanks for indulging in my fun n games! love2travel - i didn't notice any messenger bags, sorry
  8. Yup, love2travel. I bought a mono black one at the Hotel Van Boutique. I dont know the name of my messenger bag, but the hardware is exactly like the tote bag here. With the leather straps, not the ribbon one. I'll post the pix later.
  9. congrats! the black one is adorable!
  10. Beautiful bags, they look great on you. Enjoy!
  11. thank you!!!
  12. LOVE THEM!!!! Congrats
  13. yay, congrats!!
  14. Congratz!! I have the eclipse in baby pink. Totally love it!! I can just throw everything inside.. :love:
  15. omg, the Eclipse bag is on SALE??? how much did you pay for it? grrr, I got mine for full retail price. Congrats on your bags.