Can you guess the price for this little cutie?

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  1. So, the cute little bag below caught my attention while shopping in Chanel on Avenue Montaigne, as it was the only purse in the whole store in a color I liked. It was also something I immediately liked when checking out the cruise line from Chanel website. Since I never saw it in any US store, I grabbed the little thing as soon as I saw it and started to checking it out. I'm all time girly girl and just :heart: anything that comes with a bow or a flower. It looked just as how imagined, so tiny and fabulous! That is, until I saw the price tag...

    It was a shockingly priced over €2,000!!
    As I saw those numbers after €, my facial expression turned from :love: -> :push: -> :wtf: -> :cursing:
    This girly girl's dream was crushed on that day in Paris.:crybaby:
  2. OUCH!! That is very pricey for a little bag. Is it even leather?
  3. I certainly hope it's at least leather to be demanding such a price tag!
  4. What a fun bag for evening. Yeah, the price seems rather steep but at the same time, it doesn't really suprise me. As sad as this sounds, I'm often more suprised when Chanels are under $2000. :shrugs:
  5. ^yeah if i see one for under 2k, i'd be like...ARE U FOR REAL?? LMAO!
  6. Oh, both bag and shoes are lovely...... I would LOVE LOVE to have them..but not with that price tag.....
  7. wow, I know the feeling. they are lovely but insanely expensive.
  8. Whoaaa...WHAT?! :wtf: That is ridiculous!!!! Maybe 2000 Euros for BOTH (still, they're not leather so why would they cost that much together!!)...but just for the bag, that's insane!
  9. No, no, no, no, no! The bag is all made of satin, except for the bits of metal in the strap, of course. I would have be :push: if the bag was leather, as it is so tiny. BUT to see a satin bag that was actually smaller than my hands priced over $3000? I was just utterly shocked.

    I really miss the days when there were plenty of bags around $1000.:crybaby: Now I'm just like you guys. When I see something under 2K, now my mind is saying, "What a steal!"
  10. the material that is weaved through the metal chain is in silk, ladies! holy crap, what if the thread runs loose? eeps. the bag's entirely in satin and silk, i'm not so sure about the interior but no way am i gonna pay that hefty sum for such a small bag! even if it goes on sale! lol
  11. 2000 euros actually translates to $2956 at the current exchange rate. So what looks like a little bit of gauze is actually $3000.

    Surprised? No. Would I buy it at that price? Hell,no :lol:.
  12. Silk?? I thought it'd be satin...but I guess silk is more expensive. I'd be afraid to wear this bag, even if I were to buy it (which I never would).
  13. :nuts: :shocked: :wtf:
  14. Insane!!!!!!
  15. shocking!