Can You Guess the Designer?

  1. i purchased something. its not here yet. can you guess who made it???


    it's going to be a surprise i'm sure!

    i'm so excited...


    :heart: Hayden Harnett

    :heart: Botkier

    :heart: Kooba

    :heart: Tod's

    my only hint is it's NOT a tano (which i've been gawking at for a month now) it is something i want, and thought was a ways off... what is it? LOL....
  2. I am going to guess Kooba. It seems like there's been a lot of Kooba talk around here lately, and you may have been influenced.
  3. mayyyyyyyyyyyyyybe

    or maybe NOT.

    Kooba's ARE lovely :shame:
  4. I can most definitely say without a doubt that you purchased a Kooba. :dothewave: :dothewave:
  5. I would say a kooba.
  6. i give up. i hate you all. how am i so transparent??? LOL
  7. we need to know just what the heck you purchased!!! And, I might add.....I am jealous!!!!
  8. oh believe me this was such a SPUR OF THE MOMENT MY RENT IS GOING TO BE A PINCH LATE decision, but i'm thrilled!

    Blonde Bonnie :yes: :drool:

    let me just say that gayman (aka: mr.dooney, my roomie) is SO pissed i told you guys, but you're TOTAL enablers so its' okay i just want to preen and gossip about my new lovely purchase!
    blonde bonnie kooba!.jpg
  9. is stunning, really. Awesome choice.
  10. yay you damn enabler you yay! lol!

    it's a bonnie, so it's small, but the bag i use most frequently right now is this one right here, which is TINY (shown with my stuff sticking out of it in quite a cute fashion if i do say so myself LOL, i also included a pic with both of the pouches i have because i :heart: them)

    i can't wait to see this bag hold this bag feel this bag. i say YAAAAAAAAAAY.
    KeyfobsPouchSunnies.JPG The Twins.JPG
  11. Hmmmmmm....and my eBay auction was down in a matter of hours! Someone learned how to use a Buy It Now button real quick!
    Congrats Bliss!
  12. Very cute, congrats.

  13. HA *does a lil curtsey* oh but i learned from the queen, now i can be the junior over here LOL thanks lex u rock socks gf. :wlae: i'm SO EXCITED. :yahoo:
  14. Uh.....I'm not sure I know what that means but I'll take it as a compliment. LOL
  15. Sweet buy!!! I love that some sharp posters saw through your guessing game ;). Congrats!