Can you go to the store and not buy?

  1. So, I was suppose to go to the store yesterday...but decided not to go...
    As you may remember, I have been doing some spring sorting and has been going quite well and have a very nice chunk of change in the LV fund now, but not enough for my pampellone.

    In theory, I was going to check out the GM and the look book, while I wait for the PM to come in (and me to finish my self set goal of no LV until my chores are done)...but I decided not to go...with $ in my fund to burn, I knew I would walk out of there with something in a brown bag.

    I have no will power! So I couldn't do it.
  2. I only go in the store if I have the means to make a purchase....yeah lol.
  3. It's so hard not to go in and want to leave with something... but you gotta be strong and fight the tempation!!! :sweatdrop:
  4. i go in all the time and dont purchase anything. i actually feel guilty about it. i'm going in tonight to give my SA stuff to heatstamp and i feel like i need to get *something* since she gave me a gift last week and i never bought anything there!
  5. Hard to believe....but even as much as I LOVE LV I can walk out empty handed. But its sooooooo hard!
  6. Never!!!!!!
  7. Exactly...

    hlfinn and ranskimmie how do you do it? I think I just have poor impulse control!
  8. when i go into the store, i must get something out from there, since i don't have a store in my city, i need to travel long way to a LV store, that will be my only chance to shop in a i MUST buy something!!!!
  9. I don't buy every time. Sometimes I go in for research purposes and to narrow down some possibilities by seeing/wearing wish list items IRL.....
    Keep on track with your goals and do what works for you!
  10. I sometimes go in just to say hi to my SA and the door man (he is such a nice man)....I also walk past there every day:nuts:
  11. well i'm poor. lol. i am saving for something good so sometimes i just go in to try stuff on or see it irl. one time i went in recently and felt like i needed to get something- i got the red fluer twilly that i feel like i want to return.

    as much as i love lv and want stuff ALL THE TIME i pay with my cc mainly and even though cc's usually give most people a false sense of bering rich- there is no way i can lightly pay 600 or more for something. i need to be sure.

    a few times i went in and just bought an icons book though so i felt like i was getting something! lol
  12. I have something in mind everytime I go so no, I can't visit the store without buying something. My will to stay home is strong, but once I get there...there's no telling.
  13. Of course..
    I just went back from LV Oslo... chatting and asking about what i reserve..
    Same as i went to met friend..
    I dont buy every time..
  14. I usually only go in to buy something. Otherwise, I don't see the point in going. I can't just admire! =P
  15. I am able to walk away, but not all of the time. In the LV in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, the SA wasn't all that friendly. She just didn't seem like she wanted to help. So, I went a couple stores down to Gucci where the SA was FAB and bought something there.