Can you give away 40%

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  1. My local coach store offered me 40% off any item in the store (because my bag couldn't be repiared),

    What if I don't want to buy anything? Can someone else have it?

    Just wondering...there's nothing out that I like...or need for that matter. I just got a new bag, wallet, sunglasses, and key I'm pretty much set right now.

    Just wonderin!
  2. It doesn't expire, so I'd hang on to it for something you want. I don't know if you can transfer it or not. Mine is linked to my account.
  3. Does it expire? You may be all set for now, but you'll want something eventually.
  4. It doesn't expire. I just used mine last night. I had it linked to my account since January or so. Hold onto it. You may see something down the road that you just love.
  5. Can you use it at the coach factory stores? or does it have to be at the FP store?
  6. Cannot be used at the outlets.
  7. Save it or use it to buy someone a gift. You could get a fob or skinny
  8. It can't be transferred in the way that most people are thinking, just passing the letter on to someone else. You can buy something at 40% for someone else that wants something though if you're not going to use it. They can just pay you back and they essentially go the 40% off. I offered to do that with BF's SIL for a bag she really wanted but it was gone everywhere by then.
  9. ive seen people list them on ebay, and get like 80-100 for them
  10. Is it the letter though? All mine were printed on the letter that they couldn't repair the item and it's linked to my account. I know it's linked cause they ask for the reference # and that info of the discount or credit (if it's a credit letter you got) is what they look up. Maybe they look it up just to make sure it's not used? That, I'm not sure of.

  11. yeah ive seen quiet a few of them on there, and in the descriptions its always said just give the reference number and it shouldnt be a problem
  12. I think 'you' have to use it, but there is no reason you couldn't buy a 'gift' for someone else and split the difference later. I saw your other post and it sounds like you are disillusioned with Coach - me too, so not criticizing you, so why buy something you don't love just because it's 40% off?
  13. On my friend's letter it said it can be used at the FP, outlet or online. Did you get an actual letter? It should say so on it.
  14. I would hold onto it. I had one that I held onto for 2 years!
  15. i have seen them on the bay before or try selling it to someone close to you so you might be able to do a cash exchange when purchasing