Can you girls help with this leather?

  1. This is a double kelly, I purchased it last night from the Madison Ave store. The sales a. could not tell what kind of leather this is.

    It's not suede, it has a very soft feel like suede.

    Please help!

  2. it's lovely. the sa should have been able to figure it out based on price, at least to narrow it down to a few leathers. it looks like it has a visible grain, is that correct?
  3. Yes it has a visible grain.
  4. It looks like it could be vache liegee to me, but I'm not totally sure.
  5. Baggaholic, it's Eversoft.
  6. It's not Vache Liegee, I have a PB in VL and they are totally different. There is no shine or gloss to this leather.
  7. And you are most likely right!
  8. the name sounds like it fits from the description.
  9. Bagg, I bought a bracelet in this leather a few months ago and I remember seeing the name in the receipt!
  10. Yay - mystery solved!