Can you girls help me decide? Mens shoes

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Which shoe would you get for a birthday boy

  1. Freddy Flat in black & white

  2. Freddy Flat in Black pat

  3. Alfred flat in Black Brushed Python

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Tomorrow is my SO birthday and I would love to buy him a pair of CL shoes for him to rock alongside mine.

    I love all but I'll tell you about him

    1. He will be 48
    2. Conservative Italian
    3. Has no sense of style
    4. Thinks Sports Authority is high fashion couture <~ :lolots:
    5. I dress him and he lets me.

    I know this will be a short lived thread but can you fashionable girls help me decide what to get him? Thanks girls.

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  2. Definitely the gray, no question!
  3. ditto!
  4. I am loving your new shoes girl! You rock them fiercely!
  5. Agree-conservative would not appreciate the studs. Is the red going to be too much??
  6. Thanks! :flowers:
  7. :yes:
  8. The black brushed python, it is the most conservative.
  9. No, The red is on the bottom. He has been drooling over the mens line but I don't know where my safe zone is.
  10. ^^ Why don't you ask him which ones he likes? :confused1:
  11. The grey ones are perfect.
  12. I want it to be a surprise. Plus if I give him the slightest hint that I am buying him shoes that cost over 100 bucks he's going to tell me not to buy. He's proud and thinks it's taking away from me and the kids if I splurge on him.
  13. black brushed python
  14. I wonder how delicate the pythons are? I would hate to buy him those shoes and he ruins them in the snow.
  15. Well, if he really doesn't like them, you'll get to use the store credit. It's all good, any way you cut it, LOL!!!