can you get

  1. benson hedges cigarrates in new york if ya how much is a 20 box cause im going on holidays to new york and want no are they available over there
  2. I always found American cigarettes tasted different - even if they are a brand you recognise and smoke regularly. The last time I purchased cigarettes in the States (couple of years ago now) they were more expensive than Duty Free.
  3. Yes...we do have Benson and Hedges over here. Although, I can't 100% confirm NY would, I don't see why they wouldn't. You might have to shop around a bit as they're not that popular in the states.
  4. Cigarettes in NYC are about $8 per pack plus you can't smoke anywhere anymore.
  5. $8 dollars is cheap compared to the UK, with the exchange rate that works out at around £4. i pay closer to the equivalent of $10 for malboro golds in the UK!

  6. HOLLY CANOLI!! Thats alot! :wtf: ITs true you cant smoke anywhere in NYC anymore, lol
  7. cheers thanks for all your info they are not for me want get some for my boyfriend think they are bout 7euro here in ireland sure i might just wait to get them in duty free in jfk airport i presume they would have them there can any1 confirm if they have them there
  8. i dont think i saw any when i was there in march. sorry. you can buy them leaving ireland though seeing as you will be travelling out of europe. HTH.
  9. Geez... I can't really remember. Last time I was in NYC (which was march '01) I found Marlboros everywhere but can't say about Benson. Although they're not the most popular, I'm sure they should be available.

    You should buy them here in Mexico, though. They run for roughly 2.30 US dollars a pack!
  10. oh my god are you for real god we are fair getting ripped off in ireland think i will just get a carton which is 200 cigarrates in shannon airport in duty free and if i see them in jfk on way home it will be a added bonus thanks for all your help guys
  11. :wtf: Thats why I dont smoke! Save the cigg. money for bags:graucho:
  12. i dont smoke either thank god this for my boyfriend