Can you get this Zoe at a factory store?

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this....I'm new :biggrin:.
    I'm looking for Zoe in the black patchwork it's # 12901. I was gonna buy it on Ebay, but the seller said it measured 12 long x 9 tall and 3 inches deep (yes, 3 inches DEEP). Which sounded like the smaller one, I asked her if it was the small or medium sized one and she didn't know and that the measurements were appr. It ended upselling for $102 which is very low for a medium Zoe. It was gently used, but in excallent condition.
    Anyways, sorry about the long post. Does anyone know if these are at an outlet yet? Or how much they are? I live by 4 outlets and haven't seen one yet.
  2. you may get lucky and find a return, but I believe these have come and gone for the most part
  3. That is the medium zoe...and although 3 inches sounds small, it's not.

    Those were released around Christmas they have long since left the outlets, but one may pop back in on return, who knows.
  4. i got that zoe in medium (bronze/brown patchwork) on bonanzle for $62 shipped im not sure how much they were at the outlet though

    good luck
  5. the 3" deep refers to width of the bottom, not the depth of the purse from top to bottom =o) so it was prob medium. yeah they are from over a year ago holiday season so you might need to keep patrolling online sites for them good luck!
  6. Thank you everyone!