Can you get this done by a cobbler?

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Hi there.

    I got my girlfriend a pair bordeaux Louboutin sandals, like the ones shown in the picture. They are the perfect size lengthwise, but they slip of her feet a little bit while walking because her foot slips too far through the front strap.

    So we're wondering if a cobbler could maybe shorten that strap making it tighter around the forefoot so her foot stays further back in the shoe and is pressed firmly against the heel part again so it they don't slip of anymore.

    Anyone ever had a similar issue?

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  2. I recommend a Tacco Foot Halter (ball of foot cushion) and/or heel grips. I couldn't say much about shortening the front strap. And it's possible if you did that, her foot would still slip.
  3. gel pads on the ball of the foot are great, I have a pair that slip off my heels because my foot moves forward so much, but with gel pads they are great! I haven't tried heel pads but I am definately on the look out for some of these to try!!
  4. i agree with gel pads. they make the front of your foot stick right where they're supposed to and push your heel back which also helps.
  5. I would put Mole Skin.....the thick kind that you can cut to size under the strap. The Gel Foot petals....and the non-gel heel pads.
    That sould hold her in.
  6. You're right, moleskin could help too!
  7. there are clear gel pads that you can get. you'll still see them when you're off but your foot should cover them and hide them when they're on...