Can you get new straps for you LV bag.

  1. I wanted to know if you could get new straps for your LV when they
    get really dark??
  2. u are able to get replacement any most of the pieces which form the bag itself, the matter is how much u willing to spend on it, up until sometimes its better to buy a new one, i replace my nolita damier handle in singapore and it cost me singapore $168 and it tooks 4 weeks

    the other thing is if u replace the patina strap, the new strap will completely brand new and it will not match ur lining patina, so unless u happy with it, u cannot back out once u get it done, this apply to most monogram bags, if u have damier, u can always replace and no patina problem
  3. For the MC Speedy i will be getting so i dont know
  4. Yes very easily. Esp for MC speedy b/c is attached with hardwaare and not to the bag.
  5. Shouldn't be a problem. Call your LV store and speak to the Repair section and they should be able to help you.
  6. speedy handles and chads are $100