Can you get color tansfer on a red patent leather jumbo classic?

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  1. I'm considering the new red jumbo classic in red patent. However, I'm very concerned about color transfer, especially because I'm always in dark jeans.
  2. Yes, you can get color transfer onto any color; red will show both dark and light color transfer whereas black will only show light.
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  4. Just to mention that you can get color transfer with lamb and calf (including caviar) as well, just those can be redyed and patent can't. So do be careful what you wear it with and be sure to wash clothes before you wear them and if possible add vinegar to the water to "set" the dye.
  5. This is such a shame. I was so tempted. Chanel has terrible patent. My Madonna Versace bag is Silver. I have worn every color jeans. I have never had transfer problems. It was such a beautiful bag. Back to caviar. I wanted the jumbo beige but I know that will be a disaster too. They should make the patent so there isn't color transfer. It depends what they use and how many coats of polyurethane they use. Thanks girls!
  6. It's not that Chanel has terrible patent; most any patent bag will be the same way. Perhaps you have just been very lucky with your Versace bag.
  7. First, of all that is untrue. Chanel is pretty well known for not having a good patent. There's a thread on the purse forum about the different types of patent and how it was done years ago. When I purchased my Versace, I called many of the places that repair handbags, and Versace -- at that time-- was known to have the best patent. There were different ways to patent. I had a very light green patent leather handbag that was mint for over 30 years. There was never any color transfer at all, and it never cracked. My mom worked in the 50s on custom handbags. They were a notch below Chanel for the very wealthy. Patent was more of a problem because it could crack with heat and it definitely scratched. But there were not all these color transfer problems. Although, I would think a white/beige would have problems. Nothing is made the way it was.
  8. Sounds like you know Chanel doesn't have the best patent, so don't know why you'd even consider it then.

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  9. ^^

    Given your experience, OP, I definitely agree with tutushopper, there is no need for you to consider Chanel patent. Interesting to learn that how the patent is finished could limit transfer though.

    Good luck!
  10. Hi,
    I'd love a link to that thread; I just went through 7 pages of search going back many, many years and didn't find that thread on Chanel. Thanks. :smile:

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  11. I would love to get a link to the thread as well. I have a Chanel patent bag that shows some color transfer, but the bag is more than 3 years old. So the newer bags may be less problematic.
  12. I've had really good experience with Chanel patents but with all patents color transfers is a possibility, Chanel or not.

    Since you are considering the classic jumbo in patent, I assume you plan to wear the jumbo as a shoulder bag instead of a crossbody bag, so wearing denim jeans shouldn't be an issue since your bag won't rub against your jeans.

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    Okay, so I read all 16 pages of that one, and did a search of handbag maintenance thread for various patents and nothing there, as well as an extensive web search on patent leather, so I really would love to see this thread about 50s patent versus 2014 patent. I have patent bags from the 1980s that are just fine, and I have patent from the 2000s that are fine. I don't seem to see a huge difference between them.

    The only thing I did find in reading all these patent threads (and from web searching) is that use of vaseline which was recommended a few times in the threads on tpf is really NOT recommended by experts as it can lead to breakdown and stickiness down the line.

    Sooooooooooo again, please provide the link to this thread that states how patent leather from the 1950s and 2000s are so different and why Chanel is allegedly so awful to own in patent (which isn't my experience at all). Thanks so much.

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  14. From everything I've read on ALL patent leathers, they are prone to color transfer from sources that include other patents (so touching of two patent bags is a no-no in storage), newsprint, receipts, dark cloth material, etc. With reasonable care with respect to storage and wearing, patents can and will last a long time. That is for Chanel, LV, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Burberry, and any other brand.

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