Can you get an Alma in Azur?

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  1. As I was walking along Bond Street today, after buying my French Purse, I saw a very well to do looking lady with an Azur Alma. She was carrying it on her shoulder with an attached strap.

    It looked real from glancing, but do LV do Alma in Azur:confused1:

    If so, I want one:graucho:

  2. Eek, I don't believe this one is out yet, eventually it probably will be but for now it isn't.
  3. No, Damier Azur can't be SO'd yet since it hasn't been out for two years yet, which is about the usual time a line has to be out before LV can actually start accepting SO orders.

    It sounds like the lady was carrying a fake.
  4. I've seen quite a lot of azur fakes already, there were many of them even just months after the release.
  5. maybe the lady has connections >_<~ you never know
  6. lol i saw a really nice azur priscilla too, but too bag it was fake.
  7. :roflmfao: maybe