Can you get a spray tan/mystic while pregnant?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if the chemicals sprayed for sunless tans/mystic are safe or not safe for pregnant women? I haven't tried it or asked my doctor yet.
  2. My brother was getting married when I was pregnant and I really wanted to get a spray tan or use a self-tanner so that I looked better in my dress. I asked my doctor and my obstetrician and both said not to do it because of the danger of the chemicals seeping through the skin and to the baby. Needless to say, I obviously didn't get it done.
  3. I have heard people say yay and nay on both sides of this, which is why I'm asking my doctor on monday. I do not plan on doing mystic tan, but self tanner if it is possible.
  4. Post what your doctor tells you regarding over the counter spray or lotion selftanners. I will ask my doctor too, but I don't go for about 2 more weeks.
  5. Your doctor should be OK with you calling and asking about it, if you're comfortable with it. I called mine to ask about a number of random things like that (two that I remember calling about were Sudafed and bug spray). That way you don't have to wait and can get your own doctor's opinion, since it may be different.
  6. I say any unceccessary treatment should be avoided. If you don't have to do this for medical reasons then why risk it at all if there is even the slightest question.
  7. I asked my doctor when I was pregnant an they said yes to fake tan but no to spray as it can get into your system through your mouth. How weird is that? Could you not just close your mouth? Fake tan makes me feel better.

  8. ITA!!! Being pale for a bit is a miniscule sacrifice for a healthy child!
  9. It will be interesting to hear what Dr.s say... the spray tan that is used in our salon is vegetable dye and sodium, both sounds more harmless than a bottle tan, but then again I am NOT very knowledgable about what the exact ingredients are...
  10. I asked my Doctor today and she said it's perfectly fine, but to avoid tanning beds ... which I had no inclination to go to anyways. So yay on the self tanner.