Can you get a replacement dustbag cover?

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  1. Does anyone know? I somehow left mine on the plane when I took my bag out! :crybaby: Has your SA ever given you one after the fact? Thanks!
  2. hmmmm i am wondering about this too. does anyone know?
  3. Yes, sometimes you can get one from your SA.
  4. yup, my SA gave me extra shoe dustbags cause mine got dirty.
  5. Try getting one from if it's from your fav SA..they'll usually give it to u
  6. visit your local boutique and i'm sure ull get a replacement :yes:
  7. i think it depends on the boutique. i've asked before and they said no. i am going to ask again tonight because the agenda i just got didn't come with one and i really want one.
  8. ^ i think if you go in person and ask nicely, they'll accomodate you. i had a very nice sa who was very accomodating.
  9. I have 2 SA's at different stores. I'll try them! Thanks! :yes:
  10. Can never hurt to ask...otherwise you can always buy one from ebay!