Can you get a LV bag re-lined?

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  1. Hi, i'm new to the LV forum (normally over in Mulberry)
    I bought a pre-owned LV bag that has an ink stain inside. I tried (stupidly) to remove it but have actually made it bigger :rolleyes: It is an Ellipse PM, do you know if i can pay LV to re-line the bag and if they could how much something like this will cost?
    I paid a lot less due to the ink stain and could live with it as it is not noticable from the outside, i wish i hadn't tried to remove it as i have actually made it worse.

    Are they any tips on how to clean an ink stain if LV can't help me?

    Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  2. I think LV replaces lining. I've read stories about LV replacing linings in Noe's where the lining got all sticky over time. Have you tried calling 866? If not, maybe a Tide-2-Go pen? They work really well on stains on clothes, but the ink stain maybe to set in. Good luck!
  3. Call LV's Customer Service for North America to find out: 1-866 -VUITTON (866-884-8866).

    Depending on the type of ink causing the ink stain, I have had good luck lessening ink stains with standard rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). It was on the interior of a Damier Nolita which is the same fabric as the Ellipse, just different color. Don't pour it directly on the stain, but onto cotton balls.
  4. i love tide to go, but it is a no no on ink stains, the ink spreads and becomes even more set in and harder to remove, i have a pair of jeans ruined by using tide to go on ink (i think the directions tell you not to but i went ahead and did it anyway because it was that sort of day)
  5. Thanks for the advice, i've got some amodex so will try this, followed by the rubbing alcohol. I'm actually in the UK so will try LV customer services tomorrow
  6. Try Acetone, but very little and rub very lightly. MYself and a friend bought off-white christian dior bags. One day, dye from my friends blue jeans rubbed on her bag. I thought she was going to die! It almost ruined our fun. we stopped at shoe repair stores nd none could give us advice. Finally I said, let's stop at Sally beauty supply and get some acetone. I took a napkin and lightly brushed all of the dye off! It worked like a charm. I stress that I used very little and brushed lightly!

  7. Hi, thanks for the link to the bag repair website, unfortunately being in the UK it would be too much to post the bag overseas.
    The bag does has a canvas lining like the kind used in the speedy.
    Unfortunately i tried amodex and acetone and totally made it even worse. It went from a smallish blob to a massive, massive stain, i'm so mad with myself it would have been better left well alone. :sad:
    I sent it to a Louis Vuitton store, on Monday hopefully i will get a quote for the cost of re-lining it. Fingers crossed it won't be extortionate!
  8. Please let us know what quote they give you :smile:
  9. I'm truly sorry. The acetone worked for me and my friend. I am truly sorry. :sad: Please keep us posted on how you remedy your problem. I hope something works out.
  10. Hi, just got off the phone to LV, and to replace the entire lining was £87.00. I also bought a replacement padlock for £13.00!
    I'm happy and relieved because i was expecting it to be a lot more!
    CS was great, i posted the bag to them and everyone i spoke to has been very helpful and polite!
    Thanks for your advice everyone who posted!
  11. That's not bad at all! :biggrin:
  12. WOW!! That's great news and so cheap!! I have never had to replace anything yet with my LV's but knowing this brings such peace of mind.. thanks so much for sharing :biggrin: Makes LV's so worth every penny doesn't it? They will truly be classics forever and very reasonable to maintain their original beauty! :nuts:
  13. wow that's awesome. i'm glad you can get your bag fixed at such a low price!