Can you gain weight but scale not show it?

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  1. I lost weight about 7 mos. ago due to illness/surgery that I had. I lost about 20lbs. Scale doesn't show that I've gained any weight at all though I don't feel as thin (esp. in the lower section lol - I'm short so it all goes there first).

    Question is, can you gain weight (or fat maybe??) without it showing on the scale? :weird: I don't want the 20lbs to creep back on. Been trying to cut down on carbs and doing more of a South Beach deal though not too strict.

    Any thoughts on how I can keep the weight or whatever this is OFF? :smile: Maybe I just need toning/exercise? I hate exercise :mad:
  2. Scales don't lie. If it doesn't show up on the screen, your eyes and mind are being very mean to you right now.

    You can do something as simple as taking a 45 minute walk every other day or something. Heck, hit the mall and WINDOW shop for 45 minutes a couple of times a week. Just keep yourself moving and don't eat lots of food that isn't good for your body. You'll be working on keeping the weight off but you won't be "exercising", you'll be window shopping ;o)
  3. I think so- especially if you lost muscle tone. I am sure its just water weight, especially since it sounds like you are doing the right thing diet wise and keeping an eye on teh scale. I find your clothes never lie- if something is tighter, then I know I have to watch what I eat more.

    I find pilates really enjoyable as far as exercise! Its rather an addiction and really helps tone the body!
  4. Great advice Coach Katie!
  5. My pants do feel a little tighter in the upper thigh and butt :sad2: I guess maybe it's either water weight or lost muscle tone? So I probably should try to exercise like 3x/week by walking and then maybe do some toning too?

    I read about pilates but don't know much about it. Do I have to go go a gym for this or can I do a tape?

    Thanks girls!

  6. hahha! Those mean eyes and mind :mad:

    Ok so the scale may be true but my clothes seem to be fitting a little snugger. What the heck is causing that, maybe lack of muscle tone or water gain like Jag said? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

    Will iced coffee w/cream cause me to gain weight? I have about 2 smalls/day. I am pretty careful w/the carbs and have been eating more veggies too.

    Thanks for any advice! I so appreciate it. I hate exercise but realize I have to get my butt in gear to KEEP it off :smile:

  7. I'd say it's water weight. Have you enjoyed many salty snacks lately? Popcorn or the like?

    Just keep yourself moving and if water weight is the case (of if you're not sure) for the heck of it, one day log down how much your sodium intake is. You might be surprised.
  8. You don't have to go to a gym for Pilates but it definitely helps to have an instructor checking to see that you have the correct posture -- the "C" shape -- the Pilates "connection." It takes a while til you figure out what they're talking about and you can really feel it, then a while til you can hold it while you are moving the rest of your body, then a while til it becomes more and more natural to "hold yourself" in that way just about all the time. I am a huge fan of Pilates. Once you "get it" you can definitely do it on your own. I am so very amazed at the difference it has made for me.
  9. Good advice! Seriously, though window shopping is my favorite form of exercise! :shame:
  10. Ok! I'm not really much of a salt person, more on the sweets end..but I've been eating sugar free if and when I want chocolate. What has a lot of salt in it? I haven't been eating lots of processed stuff. Can drinking coffee make you retain water?

  11. I will definitely look into this, thank you! Maybe I'll go for a few classes initially and then do it from home, to make sure I get the form right and all.

  12. Maybe more muscle and less fat keeps your weight the same?
  13. I thought maybe I gained fat and lost muscle which keeps the scale the same and makes me feel fatter? Something is going on because my pants feel slightly tighter than before and I feel like I've gained though the scale hasn't moved AT ALL. Very strange...I don't understand how the body works but should lol! I'm hoping it's only water weight and that when I exercise and tone it will fix itself.

    As long as the scale doesn't lie then I should be ok I guess?!?

    -->anyone know if coffee can make you gain water or weight? I adore my coffee (2 small iced ones/day).
  14. I was sick with the flu and missed 7 days of no exercise and my body is freaking out!! Before I got sick I ran 2-3 days a week plus cardio at the gym 5 days a week and at least 2 days of weight lifting. I went back to the gym for the first time today and it was so hard....I was weak. How long does it take for the body to recover from lack of exercise combined with illness? BTW, I am not going near the scale!
  15. Your body composition can change. Muscle mass weght is denser, so it won't "take up as much room" as fat does.
    I weigh more than now than I did 5 years ago, still I wear smaller sizes.

    Coffee is a duiretic (spell?), which means it rids the body of water (to an extent, and not just in a positive way). Coffee doesn't normally make you gain weight, since it's calorie free. It can mess up your insuline responses though which ultimately (I can give you the full explenation, but it'll take up a page :P ) can lead to a slight weight gain. It can alsoe mess with your adrenal glands, which can cause some negative effects. To sum it up though, coffee in moderate portions isn't bad. It won't make you gain weigh typically. If you drink a cup before your workout, it can actually release fatty acids from your fat cells which will then be metabolised during your workout. It sounds great, but it's a little more complicated and not all peachy :P