Can you fix cracks/tears or rips on LV canvas

  1. So I bought an used LV bag from a girl in Belgium and I took it out for the first time yesterday and noticed there were 2 tiny cracks/tear/peeling. Is there any way to fix it? It's only about 3-4 mm but I'm afraid it will spread.
  2. Nope, sorry there is no way to fix cracks in canvas. Cracking can be caused from lack of conditioning. I usually apply Apple Garde Leather conditioner (even though the canvas isnt leather) and that makes the canvas nice and supple. Hope this helps!
  3. Unfortunately, no. My dad had a billfold that cracked a tiny bit at the fold in the wallet because he kept his comb in his pocket along with his it and it rubbed against it every time he took his wallet out.
    They won't repair it either, because by doing new stitches, they can't guarantee that it won't make it crack even more.
  4. I'm no expert... but since there is nothing you can do about fixing it... if it were me, I would dab a tiny bit of glue on it to discourage further cracking.

    Did she mention that it was cracked?
  5. No,she said it was in perfect condition aside from dark handles. I pointed them out in her photos but she got mad.
  6. do you have any pics of the damaged parts? i checked in my monogram keepall at the airport and when it came back out, i saw that the canvas at the bottom of the bag was kinda scraped off like you can see the brown linning from outside. so i bought it into LV and they patched it back for me. i don't know if that it your case coz you mentioned peeling, if so, yes you can bring it to LV for repair.
  7. How much is it for LV to fix it?

    Also, how do you post pictures in the forum?

    Thanks =)
  8. I am getting a new wallet (only my second mono piece) what kind of conditioner should I use? and how often? thanks!
  9. It happens to some bag I've seen and I think it has something to do with the age of the bag/canvas, weather and how the bag was treated.
  10. Oh, I'm getting worried... I never used anything to condition the canvas of my LV bags... :s Is it compulsory to use?
  11. I wanted to revive this thread to see if anyone has any advice for what to do if you do find a crack in the canvas on a vintage piece?

    Can't take it to LV. Can a cobbler do anything? Is it just inevitable that it will crack further? Any suggestions?
  12. PS -- is there anything to do to just keep it from "spreading" and halt the destruction?

    Would glue help?
  13. I just bought a speedy monogram and my SA spent 5 minutes informing me how to treat the canvas. WE SHOULD USE NOTHING. Indeed, she told me that using any kind of cream (conditionner, or even cream from our hands) will damage the bag and most likely will generate cracks.
    She also told me that if I use hand creams daily, that I should be very careful because the handles of my speedy will not like it ...
    Scary but good to know...
  14. You're not supposed to use any type of conditioner. There's very simple reeson for it (are there any chemists here? lol ) the canvas is coated in plastic and oils etc may have a negative impact on the plastic dissovling it, it's the same reason why ... erm.. Never mind, I can't think of an example at the moment that would be appropriate to post here.
  15. Say no more...I gotcha!!!:smile: