Can you fit your car key on this???

  1. I have one of those big black plastic keys for my car which makes it so hard to find a key chain that fits. None of the cles models work. The bolt/extender fits, but doesn't move freely once on. Anyone have this 4-key holder and do you think it would fit a fat key?
    key holder.jpg
  2. I have a fat car key too. I have to really pull to get it on there but once I do, it's totally fine!! Go for it!!
  3. ^Thanks Traci!
  4. Nope, which is why I didn't buy on like that....I went with the plain brass keychain with the LV written on the circle and the clasp like in the BH and other LV's - it was only $110.

    My keys would not fit otherwise..

    -there is a photo of it below:
  5. :nuts::nuts: Whoa!! now that's some key collection you have there.
    Am I the only one that carries just a car and house key??
  6. i only carry one house key
    i don't have a car
    but i have a good driver..(BF)
  7. May want to separate all those keys from your car keys because it might break off in the ignition.
  8. Whyd don't you attach a round clasp to the key and attach that clasp to the key chain? It would certainly work!!!
  9. dont worry it'll fit fine, my key is just a big thick piece of plastic =[
  10. That's what I had to do too, although I don't have quite so
  11. Nope, that's all I have too. I have another ring, with hubbys car key, key the extra car, and other misc keys....I figure no need to carry them all every day.
  12. I have the mono one like this and both our keys are very thick our Acura I can squeeze it on if i try hard but the Rover key has the remote on the key so i have to attach a keyring on it then put it on but it still looks just fine!
  13. Nope, wont fit - I keep my volvo key on the outside of my keyholder on one of the hooks, and the rest of my keys on the inside - it is a key with the remote on it so there is no way it would fit in there. It works just fine for me this way, I love my little key holder.
  14. Thanks for the pic! I had it on my plain brass one too, but it was a really tight fit...the key didn't move around the circle freely.

    I appreciate everyone's input!! It seems if I use an extra keyring first, any one of these would work.
  15. I don't even have my house key, just my car key.:roflmfao: I rely on my garage remote controller to get into my house. :rolleyes: