Can you Febreze your Louis Vuitton?

  1. What does everyone think of using a small spray of febreze INSIDE a Mono canvas handbag to freshen it up. My thinking is that the bags with lining, like the Alma, would be fine, because you could allow the febreze to dry and freshen inside, while the outside is never touched by the liquid.
  2. That's fine. I usually put a sheet of Bounce laundry paper inside mine, but I think other members have used Febreeze before.
  3. Oh, a laundry sheet! Good idea! I never thought of that.
  4. i've heard of the febreze thing, but i've never had to try it. the dryer sheet thing sounds like a good idea also, though!
  5. Laudry sheet - excellent idea, but my purse don't smell - so that's not an issue for me...but if they ever did - laundry sheet! GREAT IDEA!!!
  6. I have, when I have gotten stuff from e-bay, it seemed to be fine.
  7. I spray Febreze inside my mono Montsouris backpack once in a while just to freshen it up and it's fine, doesn't do any harm.
  8. The inside of your bag smells??
  9. No I wouldn't say it smells, but I wear it in all kinds of weather- snow, rain, etc, and sometimes it will get a little damp so it just needs a little spritz or two.
  10. I bought a used LV smelling of cigarette smoke once :yucky:, put bounce (dryer) sheets in and spritzed febreze inside, the smell was gone afterwards, with no damage :wlae:
  11. Dryer sheets might work.
  12. I always put dryer sheets in my bags when I put them in the dustbags.
  13. Another option is to put a small box of Arm and Hammer baking soda (baking SODA not POWDER!) and leave it open inside for a few hours
  14. dryer sheets are good, but my lvs still smell leathery fresh, just as the day i bought them!
  15. my aunt just gave me an idea... spray a little bit of you perfume on a cotton ball or pad, then, stick it in your purse! i tried it, now my bag smells awesome, not that it smelled weird to begin with... just figured i'd try it.