Can you experts help me identify this vintage HERMES bag, please?

  1. Hello all. I've just returned from Paris (and Prague) and bought a most fabulous HERMES train case, or purse. I don't know quite what to call it, and I don't know the model name or date it might have been made. It has the right gold embossed stamp for pre-1959, and it is immaculate. I'm positive it is authentic HERMES, but I can't find one like it on the internet. I'm posting a couple of images so you can help me out. Thanks ever so much! I LOVE the bag! Just wish I knew more about this one. Help??? Thanks! Susan
    hermesg.jpg hermesa1.jpg hermese1.jpg
  2. I moved your post from the introductory thread into its own. Good luck!
  3. Sac Mallet. And it's GORGEOUS!!!! COngratulations on a wonderful find!
  4. Welcome to the Hermes sub! Stunning case:love: - hopefully someone will have some more info for you.
  5. oops we posted at the same time shopmom, and as usual, your knowledge is amazing.
  6. It's gorgeous!!!!:drool:
  7. These are so rare and fabulous!
  8. lovely bag, susan -- congrats!

    any of you sac mallette expert know why some have more hardware on the bottom than others?

  9. This bag has been in production from the 1930's to the 1960's, so over that time there has been variation with the hardware and the pulltab. Hermes has tweaked the design of some of their bags over the decades.
  10. thanks HG -- i knew you'd know! do you also know which is the earlier version?
  11. I can't tell without the stamp on the inside.
  12. :yahoo: Susan here - thank you all for your quick responses. I've learned the answer to one question posed, too, the one with only one fastener on bottom portion is a smaller size bag than mine. The smaller one is only 10.75" x 5.5" at the base, though it rises 13" if the ebay listed one is accurately measured. Looks like he expects to get $4500 for his. Does anyone know a price range for my larger (:heart: and far more GORGEOUS :heart: ) Hermes Sac Malette, or the date they were produced?

    What a great site. Thanks again, all, for your help and your nice comments. S
  13. I'm certain he can realize $4500 for the bag on eBay. It's a great bag and rare; I think this is the first time he's had it on eBay. I know he's had it on his website for a few months as I posted a link to it a few months ago.

    (And if I had an extra $4500, it would be mine!)
  14. Oh, and the one I have is 13" x 6.75" at base and is 13" tall (actually, 12" tall with it opened and handle not counted in) or 13" tall closed and handle measured in. I think they just refer to it as a 13" x 13" one. Found one in alligator (no keys) that sold at auction for over $7500 in 2005. Black being more common, I'm sure mine would be lower, yet it's got both original working keys which is quite rare, apparently. The name of the bag was the key to finding out more. Thank you so much for naming it for me. I should have known to look for Sac Malette. I'm an antiques dealer and sell lots of the wonderful 19th and even 18th century malette filled with vanity jars, travel accessories, etc.. Der!