Can you ever have too many Hermes bags?

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  1. Hello!

    I was just sitting here writing my list of dream Hermes bags and realized that I have about twenty bags on here!

    Do you think you can have too many Hermes bags? I mean, if I actually got as many as I want, that is all I'd wear is Hermes.

    What are your thoughts? Would it be weird to carry a different kelly (For example) every day of the week?
  2. I think it would be great to carry a different Kelly every day of the week.
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  3. nope!
  4. well i personally think there has to be some limit. how will you shower all of them individually with love if there's too many?? :love: :tender: it's like how victoria beckham reportedly has 8000 (!!!!:wtf: ) pairs of shoes.. i wonder how she would wear them all? :shrugs:
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  5. Hmmm
    At first my reaction was, "NO WAY!!! The more the better!"

    Then I guess having 20 different Kellys and Birkins in different leather/color combination would eventually make me looks for other bags as well.
    (Does this mean I'm not an avid Hermes lover yet? :crybaby: )

    I'd someday like to custom design and create my own handmade bag with a leather craftsman..
  6. ok - let me explain. my initial response was a gut reaction.:Push:

    if you can afford it without sacrificing your quality of life, then i think you're entitled to have as many as your precious heart desires. and limits will vary from person to person - depending on their own individual financial situation, etc.

    btw, i don't think it's wierd carrying a different kelly every day of the week. but then again, i l:heart: ve variety! especially the Hermes kind... :P
  7. Sure me too. I'd be looking at the Bolide, and the Trim, and the Constance, and the Picotin, and the Rugby, and the Plume, and the Massai, and the Folies, and the HAC, and the Garden Party, and the Sherpa Backpack, and the Kelly Elan, and the Kelly Ado, and the Herbag, and the shoulder JPG, and the Evelyne, and the Vespa, and the Tsako, and the Omnibus, and the White Bus, and the Omanaitou, and the Himalaya....ok, just kidding about the last one!
  8. I think somwhere between 20-30 would be just right!:nuts:'s their fault!
    they keep comming up with new color and leather combos!,:yahoo: when I used to buy Chanel, I was happy with 3 black 2 beige 1 navy and 2 red!:yes: after I bought those, I did not buy Chanel again. I felt chanel-fulfilled. But every time I go into hermes...there is some new gem sitting on the shelf...:love: so out comes the hermes bearn wallet!:girlsigh: :lol:
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  9. I can't wait to have just one!!
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  10. lol,... I want to own 10 Birkins and 4 kelly's 3 bolide's all kinds of accessories and scarfs,...
  11. You are well on your way Baggs!
  12. For me, yes...although I haven't gotten there yet! And I think I need to stop for a while because I've gotten 4 within 5 months (and I just started this year!). I guess I'll just wait until my orders arrive...

    I say this because I'm not a millionaire, and I buy Hermes bags because I want bags that last forever and that will get lots of use. If I have too many, then how will they ALL get lots of use? Please keep in mind that this is me. Someone in a different situation will have a different response.

    Avandome, I know what you're talking about: I own a black Chanel 2.55 reissue and a pink caviar 2.55, and I think I've almost reached my point of Chanel fulfillment. I think all I need is a beige chain bag, and I'll be happy with Chanel forever. Then I can build my Hermes collection again!
  13. yep - I agree!!!
  14. You have all the basics now... what else would you like from hermes?
    do you find your list changing as the inventory grows?
  15. Never!!!! LOL :P :nuts: :girlsigh: