Can you enable/dissuade me....

  1. I already own the duomo - do you think the trevi PM (different softer shape - see I'm trying to talk myself into it) is different enough to justify the purchase? I do have the saleya PM also - but the trevi is more sophisticated, dressier? Go for it or save the $$$ for something else???
  2. I definitely think the Trevi is much different than the other two! Besides the pattern, they aren't very similar.
  3. I definitely do not think that they are similar at all. The duomo is quite structured and the trevi does have a softer feel to it.
    Go for it!
  4. I love the way you can carry the trevi 3 different ways - on the crook of you arm, by hand or on the shoulder ... so with that said, go for it! It's a gorgeous bag!
  5. The trevi I think can be, and also more casual if you dress down. I really like how you can carry it as a shoulder bag because of the strap, and that alone I think makes it worth buying !
  6. I love the Trevi, especially how versitile it is. I would get it!!
  7. Go for it, the Trevi is so soft and feminine, def. a different look!

  8. Just go for it. :tup:
  9. GO for it! Then post modeling pics!
  10. Go for it! The Trevi can also be worn shoulder style, whereas the Duomo can't. The bags aren't similar shape/structure either. The only think they have in common is their first name "Damier", lol
  11. I love the Trevi.....go for it!!!! It's so elegant and chic!
  12. I am having a similar dilema. Except I already have the Trevi but also want the duomo now. So I would say, go for it cause I would love to own both those bags too.
  13. I am also contemplating this bag. I really like it so I'm biased! My issue is that I have the damier papillon and I just don't want too many bags with the same print.
  14. I love the Trevi! Go for it! :smile:
  15. Go for it! If I can get past being anal about buying brand new bags, the trevi will be my next bag, and you can never have too much damier!