Can you educate me on the Cabas please?

  1. What I know of Chanel I've learned here and I'm interested in the Cabas bag. What sizes are available? What's the difference between the baby and the coco? Colors currently available? Prices?

    Any info (and pictures) would be really appreciated!
  2. I am no expert, but I do have a black leather cabas that is referred to as a "baby" cabas on the boards. I got it in December of 2006, so I think it was one of the first rounds. It is a baby because it is smaller than the vinyl version. I know it also comes in khaki (which is sort of metallic) and have heard of a turquoise color and also white. I do not know what all is available now and have not seen one in my Saks in ages and ages. I do really enjoy mine, though. Hope this helps.
  3. Although you may get lucky and find one in stores, the Cabas is relatively sold out now. I do not know of it being reproduced for any upcoming season. The original Cabas was came in 2 sizes (both very large) and came in black leather, dark grey (actually a brown color) leather, black satin, purple satin, black vinyl and had the large CC on the bag. The new Cabas was nicknamed the "Baby Cabas" by tPFers because it was quite a bit smaller and had a quilted bottom and no CC. It came in black, white, khaki (metallic bronze color), dark silver, navy and teal. I may be missing some colors here on all the versions, so I'm sure someone else will chime in! The "baby" was also again reintroduced in a larger (but still smaller than the original) size that had a braided chain handle. The last retail price for the original baby went up to $1995 from $1795. The "big baby" was more, I believe, but I'm not sure of the price. I have the "small baby" in black and it's my favorite bag! :love:
  4. ^^That sounds just about right to me.:tup:
  5. i know there is a white for the baby cabas, but is there also a light grey color that is more subtle than the bright white color? thanks~
  6. ^Maybe the dark silver??

    I know the original large cabas (not the XL) also came in chocolate brown, like the one Sienna Miller and Evangeline Lilly have. I have one on its way to me right now and can't wait :love: I've also seen the XL in a very dark brown and in a taupey brown color.
  7. Hello everyone, I 'm still a newbie on here. but learning allot. I would like to know, with the caviar cabas, I have seen some with the contrast stitching on the double CC..In paticular, for expample, the Dark choco color has like a creme contrast stitching on it? Is this right? I've seen this on eBay and would like to buy my first Chanel in this bag, but don't want to get taken by a FAKE as there are SOOOOO many on eBay! Thanks for any help and input you may have!
  8. Sakurablossom, My chocolate cabas doesn't have contrast stitching. The stitching is dark brown. It's the same on the black one- black stitching on black leather. As far as I know, the denim is the only one with contrast stitching. My suggestion is that you post any that you're interested in on the authenticate this Chanel thread so you can be sure you're getting the real deal. Good luck!
  9. I looked at some pictures and realized that the stitched areas on the brown cabas photograph much lighter than they appear IRL, making it look like they could have contrast stitching, but they don't. Hope this helps some more. Good luck finding one.