Can you dress up a togo Kelly?

  1. I've been going back and forth deciding my first bag...a 28cm black box sellier Kelly or a 30cm black togo Birkin (both with GHW) so I'm thinking about getting a hybrid of the two - 28cm black togo Kelly with GHW.

    I want something classic and elegant, you can dress up or down and not have to worry about scratches, unexpected weather and so on. I need an all-rounder bag but I lean more towards the Kelly rather than the Birkin.

    Is this the bag you could dress up as well as down?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, I wouldn't carry it with evening wear or a cocktail dress, personally...but I don't see why it can't go from jeans to sort of semi-dressy events with ease.
  3. I see photos of many celebrities carrying their kellys while casually dressed. I believe Niki Hilton has a black togo kelly. She wears lots of jeans with hers. Google and you should find many pictures. I think she looks awesome.

    Sellier on the other hand is too formal imo. With this kind of leather on a kelly, I can only imagine very well dressed, classy ladies who pay lots of attention matching their bags to their outfits.

    I got a 30 birkin as my first Hermes handbag after much contemplation. Personally, my dress code is more on the casual side. I also wear more pants than skirts, so a birkin seemed like a more sensible for me. I also wanted two handles and flexible size to log around my stuff. With a single handle bag, you need to be a bit more careful.

    Have fun!
  4. Hey, wait, not that Rockerchick isn't well dressed and classy, LOL, but she ROCKS her Sellier Kelly with jeans--and it's Box, no less! Just something to think about.
  5. I have a 32 cm black togo Kelly... it's my 'go to' bag, never have to worry about the weather, it's convenient (shoulder strap), and big enough for everything I could possibly want for a day out.
  6. Thanks ladies for your responses.

    I know that I can't use the Kelly for cocktail or more formal events (I'll use my Chanel classic flap or get a clutch for that) but was wondering if it looked okay for smart casual rather than just casual.

    Here's a pic I found recently:


    While box and sellier are both my favourite parts of a Kelly, I can't justify spending all that money and keeping it in storage because it's raining that day or I'm worried about scratching it. Maybe when I reach my 30's or 40's I'll consider it but now I need something I'll actually use.

    I hope this is finally the answer to all my problems. :smile:
  7. Oh absolutely, for smart casual it's wonderful!! :yes:
  8. I've tried it once, jeans and sellier kelly. I think it's do-able.:yes:
  9. I saw many ladies carrying Kellys wearing jeans & t-shirts. They looked fab!
  10. A black Togo Kelly with gold hardware will take you from casual days to dressy/casual evenings. Cocktail parties, fancy restaurant dinners and anything more formal you might want to use a clutch or a more dressy bag.

    But a black Box Kelly with Gold hardware sellier OR retourne is FAB when paired with jeans, heels and a sweater or shirt.....
  11. ^^ita
  12. no_1_diva, did you decide which bag you are going to get? A 28cm black togo Kelly sounds beautiful! :smile:
  13. I love the look of a kelly with jeans -- especially the box kelly.
  14. go for I wrong that in today's fashion world it's up to the idividual? If the bag fits, wear it.
  15. I don't think you can go wrong with either Kelly, but it sounds like the togo option will be more useful for you (plus you won't be worrying about scratches, etc.) Togo is a great leather for a first H bag.