can you double a 30" CBTY sprinkle necklace?

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  1. Hi all! I'm new to the Tiffany thread as I've been lurking and searching and coveting my first piece of Tiffany jewelry...

    Even though it'll probably take me forever to save for, I'm in love with the color-by-the-yard sprinkle necklace with moonstones and diamonds. I really only wear short necklaces, so I'm wondering if this 30-incher can be reasonably doubled to be worn everyday? Does anybody have a 30 inch necklace they routinely double? I have a 16 inch necklace that I love and wear all the time, so I'm trying to imagine what 2 15-inchers would be like to compare...

    Many thanks for any opinions or photos!! Hoping this necklace will still be available once I save enough...

  2. It's a very pretty necklace, why don't you go In to your local Tiffanys and try it on?, If it doesn't look right you will get it out of your system. I find on me 15inch chains are chokers and uncomfortable so it really depends on the size of your neck.:smile:
  3. Thanks so much for your response! I guess I should have mentioned, I live many hours by car away from my nearest Tiffany's store, otherwise I absolutely would go try it on :smile: Getting it out of my system would be the ideal thing, especially given the price, but I was hoping I could mine the wisdom of TPF for the next best thing...

    As I mentioned, I love my 16 inch necklace and wear it often, and it does have a little bit of extra room, but it's hard to tell if I could really do 15 inches. Hopefully somebody on TPF has one and could provide some insight!
  4. Hey good luck .. Hopefully someone who has tried this will be along soon. Do know what you mean about getting things out of ones system ... I only seem to get things out of my system after I have bought them and just after the returns period has expired :sad:...
    Just a thought why don't you buy or get a jeweller to shorten a cheaper chain to 15inches or buy a cheaper 30inch and double wrap it then wear it especially over the summer as everything swells and you will know if you can comfortably wear it. Bear in mind the back of the dbty diamonds have a habit of poking into the skin sometimes so something else to bear in mind as it will be quite snug :smile:
  5. Thank you!! Yes, I was just doing some googling for a cheaper 30 inch chain to experiment with...

    Good point about summer swelling - I will keep that in mind. And I didn't know about the back of the dbty diamonds being a bit pokey - very good to know!! Thanks!
  6. You're welcome :smile:
  7. Very interesting piece! I have a dbty, but I never even noticed this sprinkle collection. Doubling it might be a tad weird though since two 15 inch necklace would stack right on top of each other. With it being 30 inches, I'm not sure how well a 14/16 split would work either. I don't know, I could be wrong

    As far as the stones go, I've always liked the look of moonstones. I should look into them more. You mentioned you want to wear this everyday. I honestly have no clue how strong or durable moonstones are, but I would look into that. Diamonds have always appealed to me, especially since they are my birth stone; you definitely can't go wrong with that part of the necklace!
  8. Thanks so much for your response!! Yeah the length is iffy, so I've got a cheap 30 inch chain on the way to experiment with. We'll have to see I guess...maybe if it's doubled it won't be odd stacked on top of each other, since the stones are staggered they shouldn't overlap 100%, right?

    Diamonds are my birthstone too, and I truly love the combo with moonstones. I didn't think about durability though...good point. I'll have to look into that.
  9. I should add - all of my wishful thinking doesn't change the fact that I'll have to save for many, many months before I can actually afford this piece.

    Maybe I should just think about the cbty moonstone solitaire and a dbty diamond solitaire instead. Hmmm, maybe I could layer them and get a similar but simpler and much more affordable effect...
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    Just my two pennoth worth,
    You will be paying an extortionate amount of money (even by Tiffany standards) for what is a sterling silver chain with .12ct in total diamonds. The diamond will be .4ct each which is tiny, plus the bezel on the sterling silver is quite thick, the moonstones aren't anything special, they are very pretty but no better than ones on etsy. If you try to sell it you will never get any where near what you paid for it.
    You can get a platinum .14ct solitare dbty for $1250, RG slightly cheaper
    I'm only saying this because of the amount of times I have been an idiot and paid way over the odds for silver :doh: which I now regret .... Hope you don't mind me saying this
  11. You could buy it on line and return it.
  12. I hope you like your new necklace when it comes! Maybe you will like it more than you thought and keep that for awhile to hold you over ☺️.
  13. Thanks - all good points!
  14. True, thanks!
  15. Thank you! Don't wait up for a reveal, since it'll likely be a long while til I gather enough pennies. Lots to think about until then.