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  1. hey guys, I'm an eBay newbie (going to make my second purchase)... anyways I wanted to pay with two separate credit cards since its a high priced item... does anyone know if I can do this via pay pal? :shrugs:Or is there a better site... TIA

    ps mods if this is in the wrong place- so sorry, feel free to delete/move thanks
  2. I don't think most sellers would allow this (I know I certainly wouldn't) -- generally it's one single payment required for both buyer/seller protection purposes; sellers also get deducted more money when buyers split payment like that. BidPay I think used to allow this (but BidPay is not longer in service); otherwise you can try Google Checkout.
  3. its one payment....:tup:
  4. The only way that you could split a payment would be to use part of a paypal balance and then put the difference on a credit card. Oh, you know what you might be able to do??? Purchase an eBay giftcard with one credit card for the amount that you want to put on that card and then pay the difference with the other credit card...make sense? That would probably work!