can you describe this kelly's

  1. Hello,

    Can you tell me for each pic (grace kelly and stiller) if it's a kelly retourne or rigid and the size of each one.

    stiller.jpg Grace%20Kelly.JPG
  2. Hi, Grace Kelly's looks to me like a 32 retourne and Christine's I think is a 32 sellier (am not 100% sure; I don't know how big she could be a 35).
  3. They both look like 35 to me.... But for sure, Christine's is a sellier and Grace Kelly's, a retourne.
  4. I agree. The proportions looks like 35s to me on both of them.

    Stiller: sellier
    Kelly: retourne

    Personally, I prefer sellier on smaller sized kellys: 32 and below. Retourne for 35 and above (it makes the bigger sized bags look softer).
  5. I agree with you guys--and I remember from prior comments that GK's Kelly is a 35 (sorry for the brain cramp!)
  6. Agree that both bags are 35cm. Stiller's looks like swift (bj) so even though it is sellier, it looks soft.
  7. Most of Grace Kelly's bags were 35s.
  8. great!!! I love the 35:tup: