Can you describe Cassis, please?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    Could someone please describe the colour of Cassis for me please, I've been looking at the photos on here and on the Bal site, sometimes it looks purple, sometimes brown and sometimes reddish!

    I really want a bag with purple undertones but I don't want this colour if it is too brown!

    If anyone could describe their Cassis I would be very grateful! X
  2. I've seen Cassis in the store. I looked very similar to my Pourpre. I would say closest description is like a burgundy wine kind of color. I didn't notice that it had purple or brown undertones. It was just a little warmer or quieter than pourpre but not by much. Too bad I didn't have pourpre with me. I could have done a side by side comparison. HTH
  3. Definitely not brown undertones. Like wine with cream added. Or pink berry. A burgundy with pink undertones. Berries with cream. I have both 05 Bordeaux and cassis and love them both. Very different though. There is a great comparison pic of them together floating around here somewhere.

  4. Agree. Good description of the color. I have a cassis maxi-twiggy; it's a great color and superb leather. No brown undertones.
  5. Yes this is a really good description. I have been posting outfit pictures on my blog wearing my Cassis every day if you wanna take a look. I love love love it, it's a great berry.
  6. Thank you so much everyone!

    Now I'm really tempted, I'm thinking of a day in cassis, thank you again x
  7. I have the color. Not brown at all. It looks like red wine. It has purple undertone but very little. And little red in my opinion. Remember the Hamilton ones? Even less red in it. Fantastic color IMO.
  8. Here's my cassis city rh ;)

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  9. Dark red or wine shade. Classy and versatile color
  10. hi are indoor and outdoor shots of my cassis part time...hope this helps