can you delete auction pics once auction ends?

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  1. Does anyone know how to (or even if you can) delete pictures from your ebay auction once the auction is finished? I've already received positive feedback for the item and just want to remove the pics of my LV before someone gets the idea of "borrowing" them.

    Thanks a bunch!!
  2. It depends on how you uploaded them. If you used an external photo site, you can go into your account and delete them there. But if you used eBay to upload, I don't think there's a way to delete them.

    Hopefully you've watermarked and that may be a deterrent for those who try to reuse others' pics.
    There are a zillion sources for photos, so you aren't particularly vulnerable, if that's any comfort.
  3. darn..I used the ebay uploader but I did watermark so thankfully I'm saved there.

    Thanks for the info:smile: