Can You Cook ?

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  1. I will admit that I am a very good cook, I am lucky enough to have a Husband that loves to cook too (just not at the same time cos I'm a little territorial around the kitchen. )

    I cook a lot of British dishes, Shepherds pie, Toad in the hole, Cheese and onion pie, Steak and Kidney Pie :sick: (My Husbands favourite )and Hot Pot.

    Desert's I usually make, Trifle, Rhubarb pie, Apple crumble and custard, Pineapple upside down cake. Jam and coconut sponge.

    How about you, can you cook ? Do you and your family have a cultural specialty ?
  2. I can only WISH that I can cook. I can only do basics with my fanciest being a simple pasta dish. :sad:
  3. <-----Was born to avoid the kitchen like the plauge!

    *I burned my parents kitchen down when I was 10. We had to move to a hotel for a week for repairs and house cleaning.
    * I almost melted my microwave making microwave popcorn
    *Just last week I burned my hand on the oven because I guess I decided it wasn't that hot and I didn't need a mit
    * Put Pizza in to cook before with the cardboard.....And yes I knew the cradboard was there

    The list can go on and on and on......

    These days I always clear with the Man step by step how to cook anything if I am left to my own resources. He usually cooks for us or we eat out. I can make sandwhiches though ;)
  4. i LOVE to cook!!! it's my OTHER hobby :P
  5. I too love to cook. My husband is Italian and I'm Irish, Italian & French so my cooking style is all over the map. I do favor Italian food though so I know more Italian dishes than anything else. Baking is another story. Can't seem to get it right. Can't seem to make dough right. I've pretty much given up. I go the bakery now.
  6. I think if I actually had time, and didn't work as much as I do, I would definitely love to cook! God knows that I LOVE to eat.
  7. I'm an ok cook. I have improved a lot over the last few years. It's actually kind of sad because my mom and grad mother are excellent cooks, epically when it comes to Italian food.

    My dh is a really really good cook. He puts my cooking to shame!
  8. I cook but I don't stick to specifics when cooking a dish. It's some of this and some of that and walla! Steak! Or Pot Roast! Or Chicken Adobo! Or some yummy noodle dish!
  9. I hate to cook! My husband is an absolutely amazing cook and could probably make roadkill taste great. My kids can't wait until the w/e's, when they can have his home cooking instead of the crap I give them during the week. When my husband was away one w/e I felt guilty that they wouldn't have his waffles and pancakes from scratch. I offered to try to make them. Luckily they screamed, "No way"! I thanked them for their lack of faith in me and drew a big sigh of relief. I took them to a diner instead.
  10. OH no!!!! We can be twin:wacko: I hate/scare of everything in the kitchen now. If I have to cook I'll hate to eat.:cry:
  11. I love to cook! I love baking even more. When I'm bored and hungry (which I usually am), I'll just start making some random dish with food in the fridge.
  12. If I find a recipe that sounds good, I'll take a swing at it and most of the time it comes out I guess I'm alright. DH hasn't complained yet (maybe because he's so sweet lol).
  13. I love to bake pastry! French pastry!:love:
  14. OH great thread! I wanted to have one like this but thought I'd better keep it to purses here, and keep the cooking at the cooking blogs. Great idea, Pradameadow.

    I love cooking, a not bad cook either so I've been told. I wish I learned more from my grandma though. Should we swap recipes? Irish, Iralian, English, Chinese, Indian, Thai etc? I'd love to learn making French pastry. I find baking much harder than cooking, it's a science especially in bread making.

    Hmm...mouth watering now.
  15. I enjoy cooking.
    I can follow a recipe pretty well.
    I love to grill.
    I make some mean empanadas.
    I just love the whole decorating/entertaining thing ala Martha Stewart.
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