Can you cook white fish and then eat it cold later?

  1. I know, it sounds like a really daft question! Can you tell I'm not much of a chef :p

    Basically, I want to eat more white fish and the easiest time for me to do this is during the day for lunch (I'm trying to lose some weight, and am particularly trying to eat my biggest meals in the morning and at lunch). But we don't have heating facilities at work. Could you cook white fish and then eat it cold, as you might do with salmon? Or is that idea just totally gross? Any suggestions? :shrugs:
  2. Sure you can. I eat cold fish leftovers all the time.

    You could make it like canned tuna and have a sandwich. Or on a salad. Your co-workers will thank you for not stinking up the place with reheated fish! LOL
  3. That's great to hear glittrgirl! Do you like to put anything in particular on it when eating it cold that you could recommend? Oh, and does it taste really fishy when it's cold (as in, more so when it's hot?)?
  4. Sure.

    It's fine, just make sure you refrigerate it after you cook it and keep it cold. Just don't let it sit at room temperature (unsafe to eat)!

    Btw, I think it's fishier reheated than cold.
  5. Sounds good to me!!
  6. I like a little lemon or lime and olive oil. If you like teriyaki sauce try that, too. It tastes great on salad with your favorite dressing.

    I don't think it tastes fishier cold, I think it's a lot milder like claire said.