can you coach lovers help me choose?!?

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which colour preferred?

  1. alexandria gun metal

  2. alexandria brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ;)

    Can help me choose?

    at least I've determined this is the style I want... the alexandria...
    But I don't know about the colour... I was initially thinking I'm getting gunmetal, but then I tried on the brown and thought gee, much more practical... What do you all think?!?

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  2. I would have to say the Acorn..Just because of the Peeling issue's on the Metallic's..They are both nice though:smile:
  3. I would say Acorn because my gunmetal alexandra started peeling only after a week and that bag was returned. The Acorn is gorgeous.
  4. Acorn
  5. I also returned my gunmetal:sad: Aside from peeling - my husband said it looked "cheap", so that kind of turned me off to her. I traded for the Acorn -like you, thinking more practical - but at first thought the color was a little boring (maybe too common is a better way to put it). Anyway - out in the sunlight the color is much richer. The berry is gorgeous too if that color works for you!
  6. Cool!!!
    I was not taken by the berry... and I didn't wanna buy the black either.. I'm going for the acorn. thanks!
  7. Acorn! I have her and the color is very rich and expensive looking. I love my Acorn Alexandra!
  8. The gunmetal bag has had tons of peeling isues, though I don't care for brown bags, I would choose this out of the two for that reason....My first choice would be the berry!
  9. I choose acorn as well ... perfect for Fall!
  10. I voted for acorn too. It's such a nice, rich colour, perfect for fall!
  11. I like the acorn better :biggrin:
  12. I also like the acorn, it's such a beautiful rich warm brown. I love the metalics but as stated above would worry about the peeling issues.
  13. just curious if there is a special way to prevent the peeling on the metallics?
    I was told by a coach sales rep that coach processed the metallic leather in a way that protects it from ruin... however, based on the comments I've read about the metallic, I question what she said...