Can you clean a light coloured campara ???

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  1. Hi again :biggrin: ....been looking on ebay and noticed a light coloured campana

    bag for sale.

    The seller has started the listings quite cheap as the bag is grubby and a

    bit dirty.

    I have contacted the seller who has said that the bag can be easily

    cleaned with specialist cleaner :confused1: is this true or am I being lead up the

    garden path.........
  2. You could try contacting Lovin My Bags ( Although they specialize in Bal they work on other brands and I've heard good things about them. I have a magnolia campana that I'm going to send to them; when I was new to BV I didn't know I should treat my light colored bags and ended up with a jean transfer.
  3. Wow thanks.......sounds promising :tup:

    Also this bag is in lambskin, are all the campana`s in Lambskin or do they differ ??