can you chanel experts help me choose

  1. im new to this site and new to chanel i usually buy gucci but am loving the chanel bags and wallets.
    Can some one please recommend which purse/wallet to get?

  2. we need more than that! LOL!
    Shoulder or arm held?
    Totes, flaps, etc. . . ?
    What do you like, Chanel has a TON of options.
  3. hiya sory to be so vague im after a wallet largist size in beige or black i dont mind price any price??
  4. Long quilted wallet $675
    p1.jpg p2.jpg
  5. black/beige...larger size wallets...
    well I think your looking at 600ish give or take...
  6. ^yes, most large wallets are around $675