Can you carry the daimer print in the spring summer....

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  1. Can you carry the daimer print in spring/summer like the mono or does the daimer look to dark and heavy??? I was thinking that they brought out the azur for spring/summer because the daimer is more for fall/winter...I like bags that you can carry year round....any thoughts from daimer owners or lovers...
  2. I bought my damier speedy last summer and started using it right away. I think it works the year round but it helps that it rains alot where I live, lol, and damier is perfect for rainy weather.
  3. I used mine last summer with lots of beige linen with dark chunky necklaces and bracelets and it was darling. Not too dark at all.
  4. icechick great point about the rain and daimer...perfect bag for rainy days when you do not want to take out anything with vachette and it does rain in the spring (spring showers) and sometimes in the summer charleston-mom made a great point that it looks darling in the summer with beige and dark chunky jewlery...thank you both for your great points...
  5. :yes:
  6. I agree with all above. I think you can wear it in the spring summer, its safe for the rainy days. Also if you were light colors it will just accent it :smile:
  7. IMO, 90% of the LV bags can be worn all year.....seasonless. If I saw a white speedy in the winter I wouldn't think 'out of season' at all, and vice versa with damier in summer. I think that's what's so great about Louis Vuitton!!
  8. I bought my Damier speedy in the middle of the summer nd loved it. I think it's a great contrast with lighter neutral clothing.
  9. yup :yes: :yes:
  10. I think it depends on what you are wearing. With beige linen- awesome. With a pale pink dress- not so awesome. I wouldn't say the Damier works with *every* summer outfit, but I think it can definitely be carried in the summer!
  11. ^ITA almost all LV designs can be worn year round.
  12. Definitely, yes!!!
  13. I used my Damier speedy all summer long, I wear a lot of white and it looked great, the dark against the light. I think you can wear a damier bag all year round.
  14. I would use any and all LV prints year round..... But to me, Damier is a bit more formal/elegant than the Mono print. But I love Damier!
  15. ...........

    USE IT YEAR ROUND!!! :hysteric: