Can you carry the Accessories Pouchette on your shoulder?

  1. I love this bag and I think I have seen pepole carrying it on their shoulder. What do you think? Is it possible? I would use it for evening only.
  2. I think the pochette is actually more comfortable if you buy an extender... There is one that is "3 inches and the Chain which adds like "6 inches in length. I have the 3 inch extender which works good for me cuz I thought the 6 inches was too long.
  3. If you are petite you can carry it on your shoulder. My pochette doubles as a going-to-the-movies, quick-run-to-the-store, clubbing bag, and I wear it like this without an extender with no problem. Im 5"3.5" and 105 lbs.
  4. Yes, I have the Damier Azur pochette and I use it strictly for clubbing, lounging, and dinners out. I dont have the extender, but im rather on the skinny side (5'6, 115 lbs) and I dont need one, but I think it looks cute and might get one anyway
  5. oh wow - I didn't know about the extenders... good info!:tender:
  6. Isn't the bag downright tiny! Hows abouts going for the Pochette?
  7. Is it bigger? What is the exact name of that one?
  8. What I'm referring to is the good old-fashioned accessories pochette that currently retails for $285 (in canvas). I can fit my Blackberry, Ludlow wallet, pen, keys, lip gloss, three compacts (mirror, face powder, blush), and two makeup brushes in there. I even wear it in the winter without an extender over wool coats (though admittedly I don't wear puffers).
  9. I do with the extender. That makes it really comfortable for carrying on the shoulder for me, but still wouldn't fit over a big, puffy coat or anything like that. But it's very nice for an evening bag or when you don't need to carry much.
  10. I can do it with or without, I just use my extender because it's a little more bling.. :graucho:
  11. You need an extender to make it comfortable on your shoulders or else it's really snug and I'm not a big person either.
  12. i love the accessories pochette. although.....i dont think i should keep trying to stuff my pochette wallet in it.....i think i may rip it if i do. lol. im just determined. but to answer your question.... yes, it fits comfortably on my shoulder, i dont like it if im wearing a coat though
  13. i carry mine on my shoulder all the time..mind you only during spring/summer/fall but not during winter (i have a thick north face jackets...yup it's currently -45*C here). I did consider buying an extender for it but the more I wore it the less I cared for the extender as the length was perfect for me.

    As for what fits fits quite a bit. The last two occasions I used my pochette I had my porte-monnaie billets (a bit bigger than ludlow), lipfusion lipgloss, cell phone (about razr width..smaller I think), keys, lipbalm and digi camera. sometimes I use my cozy instead of the monnaie billets and I'll have more just depends on how you arrange it in your bag.

    On a daily basis i also use it as my make up bag and I fit lots in there!
  14. I always do...I just use the extender so it's not right up under my fits but I don't want it right there lol.
    I carry lip gloss, my LV billfold, cell, eye drops, and a couple of pens and there's still extra room.
  15. I'm on the petite side, 5'2, 105 lbs. and I don't use an extender. I have the damier azur pochette and the epi leather black pochette. I carry both bags with casual outfits to evening wear.