Can you carry Snow Glam on your shoulder?

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  1. or is it a handheld only? I am talking about both the medium and the large ones. Thanks.
  2. I would say it is handheld only. Going to look at it tomorrow.... SO EXCITED!
  3. Please let me know!! And which one do you prefer: medium or large?
  4. Please let me know too! I want the red but haven't had time to see it yet![​IMG]

    I think its just hand/arm going by these pics. Sorry they're so big.
  5. i can carry my medium on my shoulder. it is a short handle. also the large one. however, it is shaped more like a gym bag. check out my pix, i am narrow so maybe not everyone would be comfortable that way. :supacool:
  6. I have a prada bag that is hand/arm or shoulder strap only but I can make it fit on my shoulder too. That helps a lot thanks chaussure!
  7. I know I couldn't get it over my shoulder even if i tried really hard, but that's because I got fat arms :roflmfao:
  8. I'm waiting for Kavnadoo's opinion on these if she saw them today. I saw the large and the hobo..the large is way too big. Neimans also only had the multicolor not the red like I wanted to see:push: I did NOT like the rubbery logo on the front, it would have been much nicer if it was something else! I wish I could have gotten the red blondie from '05! :crybaby:[​IMG] (**Pic of Lily's blondie)
  9. kneehi, i really like the red medium IRL too and it also has the black rubber ggs like the ones you saw. i really like the rubber ggs, they work for me!:supacool: totally fun.;)
  10. Lol yeah I think I'll end up liking it despite the rubber in real life, cant wait to get to the boutique!
  11. i tried it on the store yesterday and it felt so huge on me. hehe i'm really used to small bags. but the large one felt weird on my shoulder but I guess it's just me.
  12. Oops, sorry ladies. I totally forgot to post back here. Nef and kneehighz I would definitely not wear them on my shoulder. I looked at them both and I definitely prefer the medium, that is the smaller of the 2. It is definitely not for the shoulder and even if you could get it on it would just look ridiculous, in my opinion anyway.

    That being said I don't think I will be getting this bag. Not cos of the shoulder thing, I'd handcarry it anyway, just that I've found more things that I would prefer to spend my money on. Not that crazy about this bag. It's hot but I still prefer the blondie.
  13. Me too..and the saddest part to me is that they only cost $1150! :crybaby:I probably wont get it either but still need to check out the red one for myself since it is the closest thing to a blondie.
  14. i am having so much fun with my white snow glam, :supacool:red next!:heart:
  15. Hurry and get the red!! I want to see pics! lol:p