Can you carry Monogram & Damier together?

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  1. I did a search on this and nothing came up, so hopefully this question hasn't been asked already. I've been thinking about buying a damier accessory, but all my bags are mono canvas. Would it look tacky if I carried the damier piece inside a monogram bag? Should I just get a matching accessory in the mono canvas instead?
  2. i don't match bags and wallets/accessories. if you looked into my bag - regardless of brand -- you'll see a Prada wallet, Burberry pencil case and iPod case, and Dior cell phone case and key holder.

    i think it's perfectly acceptable to mix Monogram and Damier :yes:. i've carried my Mono Wapity in my Damier Papillon before.
  3.'s inside the bag. I use a Damier 4-key holder for my keys and unless I'm using my Damier Speedy, it NEVER matches.
    In fact, none of my pieces match..on any given day, I'm using monogram canvas, damier, vernis, cerises and multicolore.
  4. Feel free to use what you like. I think all the Lv accessories go with all the bags
  5. Feel free to mix and match! Why not?! LV is LV, no matter what the pattern is!:yes:
  6. Yay! Thanks girls! I've been wanting something in damier forever and just kept putting it off because I didn't know if I'd be committing some giant faux pas by carrying it with a monogram bag :lol:
  7. OF COURSE, don't u worry dear, it's mixed inside my bag too, whichever handbag i carry whether it's an lv, balenciaga, or anything else, my inside is a lv black mc wallet, white mc cles, panda organizer...
  8. I think it's fine not to match. I have all Damier accessories and I use them with my monogram bag.
  9. I think damier and mono go great together. I use my mono koala wallet with my damier speedy no problem
  10. I see no problem in carrying the damier with the mono canvas. I actually think it`s a little tacky when someone is waaaayyyyy to matchy matchy. Definitely give yourself a little variety and just have fun with it! :biggrin:
  11. I think you should mix and match. I think your bag and accessories look so much better that way. Just like your outfits. You mix things up to make it look better.
  12. They look great together! :yes:
  13. You can do anything you want. I think mix and matching is fine.
  14. I LOVE the mix and match, started it a long time ago.....when I go to LV stores all mixed up I always get compliments, one of my fave's is my mandarin epi speedy with blue mono mini cles hanging off, and I have the matching mandarin cles, I just can't bring myself to use it with the bag, I got it for Damier.....I love the contrast of different patterns and colors, go for it!
  15. Yep, I don't like being matchy matchy, so mix away!