Can you cancel a transaction without the buyer agreeing to it?

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    I have a non-paying "buyer" for a pair of jeans I sold. I opened up a non-paying bidder case, but she's still not paid (though she sent me a nasty email in response).

    At this point, I'd rather eat the fees and just relist instead of risking my perfect 100% feedback. Can I cancel the transaction without her okaying it? She's not paid, so she's not out anything...


    ETA: I just canceled the transaction. I personally don't care if I have to pay final value and relisting fees; still better than taking a hit on my feedback.

    Oh, and I looked her up on Toolhaus. She's pulled this stunt before, including twice last month! She leaves lots of negative feedback (though she has no negatives herself).
  2. Sorry that happened to you. :sad:

    Did she give a reason for not paying?
  3. Cancelling the transaction without going through the UPID process will not protect you from Negative FB. From your comments on the Buyer's FB history, you will probably get one.

    The Buyer has no Negs because Sellers can't leave Negs.
  4. You can cancel the transaction even if the buyer does not agree. In this case you have to wait 7 days and even if he did not agree, you will get back fees at this moment. But I agree with Echoes, one position or the other will not protect you from negative feedback...Good luck:smile:)
  5. If you go thru the UPI process and ebay finds in your favor, you will get your fees back and they will block her from leaving negative feedback for this transaction.
  6. If you do end up getting negative feedback from this buyer, call ebay IMMEDIATELY and if there's abuse in anyway, they'll retract the negative feedback. I dealt with a buyer that bought and bought and bought, then left negative feedback after another.

    Ebay people via phone are much better than their chat or email.