Can you buy dustbags from the LV store?

  1. Or boxes? Just a thought. Like if i ever buy from let trade, i read that you dont get dustbags.
    I got a box for my last purchase but normally I don't get boxes? :confused1: So I was just thinking if I could buy some the next time im in an LV store? Or that dosen't work?
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  2. I don't think so, but I'm not sure. They usually don't sell anything, but keys sometimes, seperately.
  3. The last purchase I made in LV was when I also requested the largest dust bag they had for my keepall, and they politely gave it to me.
  4. They don't sell dust bags, but they're picky about giving them out and how much. If you tell the boutique you never got a dustbag from a purchase from them/you lost the dustbag from your bag (there's a risk of them checking your history, though), then they might give you one.

    You're chances of getting a dust bag are greater if you have an established relationship with the boutique because I know a lot of times they say they don't have any extras, even if you ask nicely. Or if the boutique is really nice/generous. A lot of the boutiques look down on secondhand purchases...
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  5. i purchased two LV sac chien and they would not give a dust bag.
  6. My Store does give them out, not sure is this is a general thing or not as I have spent quite a lot there as of late.

    I have just got back from collecting 2 bags that went in for repair / cleaning and as I had lost one asked for another, when i was given them they were both in dust bags.

    If you have a regular SA ask them.
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  7. Hrm. I don't have a special store I shop in unfortunatley. I buy the purses when I travel since I don't have a store close to me so I don't have any SA's that I know properly :sad:
  8. IOMG just took you How fake are you quiz. Im 71% fake I wonder who has the highest score...PS I dpont think you can buy dust bags but you can REQUEST boxes.
  9. Sorry not sure I made my earlier post clear?

    I did not buy any extra dustbags but requested them and was given some, like I said my Sa is really good, think you just have to find someone who is friendly.

    Ask them if you can have a spare to fit an ...... bag as you have lost yours, worst they can do is say no but you cant to my knowledge purchase them.
  10. You can try eBay, but the prices on there are a bit inflated IMO.
  11. Based on what I've read on this forum, most of the stores don't seem willing to give out dustbags so I highly doubt that they can be purchased.
  12. They don't sell dust bags but they're supposed to give out boxes and dust bags for every bag purchase that you make. So friendly SA or not, they should give them out for every purchase. My agenda, though, came with a box and no dust bag. I was told they only have 1 dust bag each for every bag and no extras. Not sure if this is true for every LV boutique. You can probably try to ask for one. Not sure, though, if they're going to ask for a receipt so that could be a problem.... But you can always try :yes::smile:
  13. So bought the bag then blah blah blah ( but my SA Joe Tay in Ngee Ann City was very nice and professional ) and realized after 1 month of purchase that my speedy wont fit in my dustbag when stuffed. Do they offer dustbag replacement service? If it is possible, Can I replace it in a different branch?

    more questions

    Should I present my receipt?
    Will they authenticate before replacing?
    Will they allow the customer to keep the old dustbag?

    THANKS BAG LOVERS!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Great question, I'm wondering this as well.

  15. When you go into the store with your speedy, show them your bag, and tell them the reason why you need another dustbag, 90% they will give you one without any further question. It's part of the service, anyway, dustbag doesn't cost much, so I think they will be more than happy to give you one :biggrin: