can you buy coach bags in the UK?

  1. :shame: It's all in the title!!!!!
  2. Have you tried Selfridges? I think they night have done them in there once, but I'm not too sure....
  3. You'd probably get more luck if you asked in the Coach forum! I'm not sure, but I'm sure someone on the forum knows.
  4. No, they are not available, even Harrod's don't carry them. I send Mum a catalog and she chooses the items she likes, then I purchase them and ship to her. Of course , she has to pay Customs fees, but she ends up with something no-one else has, so she's happy !!
  5. BTW, this wasn't in the Coach forum when I posted that. :lol:
  6. Thanks!
    I've e-mailed coach and if there aren't any stores in your country you can apparently place an order by phone or fax and they charge an extra $15 and a shipping charge. Not sure if i want to order a bag that I can't physically check out first though!
  7. You can probably buy some on eBay UK. I am sure that there are probably
    people who come and buy them while visiting the states who resell them when they return home. Good Luck!