can you buy boxes / dustbags at LV?

  1. Yesterday my aunt asked me this cause she lost her multicolore wapity box and dustbag. In the plane she took to come here one of her trunks got lost (hopefully her trunk was cheap, non LV) and there was her box and dustbag.

    I dind´t knew what to tell her but she told me to ask my "web LV friends" if they happen to know.

    I´d rather to ask you first after going to the store and seem like I´m a fool... Of course I will pay them, I´m not hoping nothing free from them , i´m not as constant customer to get sth free, at least for now.
  2. You can always ask for a replacement. I don't think they sell them, but if you get a nice SA, they may give you one. I get boxes all the time from different stores when I ask.
  3. wow... i've never tried that before. i hope i can get a box from lv in my city :P
    do you have to bring the bag with u elongreach?
  4. I'm So Sorry She Lost Her Trunk. LV Should Not Have A Problem ~ I've Gotten Extra Dustbags. & Boxes I Don't See Why Not! Best Of Luck!!!
  5. No. Just tell them you bought whatever bag and you didn't get a box and you would like one.
  6. thanks :P
  7. No, you can't buy dust bags. I went to see my SA and spoke to a manager as well @ LV in Toronto and they told me that they don't have extra dust bags to sell or give away. They said the only dust bags they have are the ones that come with bags. Boxes you can ask for and they should be able to give you one or two if they have them in stock.
  8. Iono about toronto LV_addict, but in Montreal, they have extra dustbags in the store. I know this because I bought a bag a few days ago and this REALLY ditzy newbie SA served me and in the end...get this...she LOST the original dustbag that goes along with each LV bag... she spent 15 mins looking for it and eventually gave up, went upstairs and brought out a spare dustbag... So, I THINK they MUST have several extra ones stocked up somewhere in cases like mine:biggrin:
  9. yeah when I was at the Toronto boutique they wouldn't sell me any either..
  10. They wouldn't put them up for sale because then every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be buying dustbags and boxes to sell their fake bags in.
  11. that sucks!
  12. It depends on the store and the salesperson that you talk to. When I bought my LV bags, they were out of boxes and I was told I could come back anytime to get them. When I finally did (after calling ahead and confirming with customer service as well as bringing my receipts), the salesperson at the store gave me a rough time and implied that I was lying about missing boxes because supposedly LV will never run out of boxes unless it was during the holidays:rant: . So, make sure you find the SA who usually works with you or your aunt as they'll be more susceptible and willing to help. As for dustbags, one of my bags came without a dustbag and they gave me a replacement without any fuss. However, in that case it was a different salesperson.
  13. I was irked to find my Speedy 25 didnt fit in the bag and called all around. The answers were all inconsistent!!! I got answers that ranged from a a nicer version of 'we only get what comes with the bags so tough luck we cant give you one' (it doesn't make sense because how can a company SO LARGE not carry extra dustbags. I think they just didnt want to give me one), another store said they could mail me one but would charge me a $5 fee for shipping.... she said they normally charge $5 for a dustbag but since I needed it shipped she could wave it and I would only need to pay $5 for shipping. Well that dust bag she sent me ended up being HUGE.... so I called another store where the SA was SO NICE she said there is no charge for shipping and no charge for the dustbag and was going to send it FREE. Unfortunately the manager called back and said 1. they couldn't find my info on the computers (which is bullsh*t) 2. Since I was in SF I had to get it from the SF store!! She was very unclear as to what the actual reason was. I informed her I had not even purchased it from the SF store and that the SF was the first store AI called and they had told me there have NO dustbags and that I could not get one (Some stores I called were really rude when telling me this.) She said well still since you are from there you HAVE to get it from that store and that they DO have them. WHat a b****! She just didn't want to give me one. I called SF once again and asked to speak to the manager.... I guess they figured I was really serious then and wouldn't put up with their bull answers.... and a very nice customer service lady told me that since I had gotten it from the Costa Mesa store that that store was responsible to give me one. I kindly informed her I had called that store and the rude SA had told me they don't give out extra dustbags and that they don't have any and that I cannot get one. She called them directly and arranged for them so send me one. (so they DID have them!!! LIARS! As you can see I was very frustrated at this point). A week later I still had not recieved anything. I called the customer service lady back several times and she did not call back Finally the 3rd time this is 2 weeks later now she told me they sent it out that day..

    So like koukanamiya said... and in my plentiful experience.... it TOTALLY depends on who you get. It really irks me that the answers I got were SO inconsistent. SA seem to just tell you whatever the hell they want not the truth!!! If you get lucky, you may get one right away. Otherwise, you will have to jump through hoops like I did but you will get waht you want if you are willing to make that effort. Just to add... I am SO glad I called instead of showing up and having them tell me no but hey... who knows... if you are a person who looks.. how should I put it.... influential? who has a strong sense of presence? ... not sure what word is the best... you may have an advantage if you show up in person. But since I am in my twenties and look about 15... it was better for me to call as I sound professional on the phone and they may have just waved me away as a child if I had gone in person.
  14. Wow, how rude ... So was Costa Mesa the one that was giving you problems? The person who implied that I was lying (after I spent close to $10K at that store) was also located at Costa Mesa. I filed a complaint with customer service but nothing was ever done about it. No apologies, nothing. I don't like being called a liar, and I have witnesses at LV (other sales) who could testify that they had no boxes at the time and that they promised me some ... It just so happens that the day I went to get my boxes my sales weren't there. I think if you are still getting rude service, you should write a snail mail to Corporate. This is no longer about whether they give you dustbags or not. If they are unable to, there's still no reasons to be rude about it.
  15. You know what... I estimate about a third of the stores I called were quite rude about it and you know it is simply because they don't want to give you one and I called almost all of CA! It was not only the Costa Mesa store that was rude about it, the store in Carmel had a nice SA but the manager was awful, Hollywood gave me a tough luck response!! :censor: San Diego was nice but they charged me $5. I think right off the bat I would ask for a manager the next time as they will take you more seriously. My experience was rude but eh.. not too bad but YOURS.... :mad:! Experiences like that make me not want to purchase from them anymore. Some LV SAs are unbelievably snooty but there also are very very nice ones. They need some quality control not only with their bags but with the SA!!! Oh, and another time.... Costa Mesa gave me a faulty Speedy and the SA was very rude when I went to exchange for a flawless one!!!! She made me feel as if I was making a big deal out of nothing and made me feel very uncomfortable. I must admit I faltered and let her intimidate me into taking the ONE other one she showed me and gave in to her unspoken pressure to hurry up... that when I got home... and REALLY got a good look at it I realized it was flawed too!!!!! I almsot gave in and did not go back to exchanged for the second time (in the same day) as I just did not want to deal with her but my friends encouraged me and I was lucky there was a very very nice SA who was very kind and gave me SEVERAL speedies to choose from. =)

    Oh, and I hate how they WILL treat you poorly simply because I look young for my age and "not professional" yet.