Can you "block" people w/zero feedback?

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  1. I had three purses for sale on Ebay. A used Coach sold as well as a pricey LAMB bag. Problem is, the person who bid and won the LAMB bag is brand new with no feedback. It's been four days and I've heard nothing from them. I've sent emails, invoices, etc. I require payment within 3 days.

    I've read other posts here saying I have to wait seven days to post a non-pay against them but can I relist the item immediately and then block someone like that from bidding again? Or, in the future, can I block or remove bids from people who have no feedback or very little feedback? I had over 30 watchers on that bag and the one person who actually bid on it is a non-payer.

    What a waste of time and money!

    Thanks for any info.
  2. Unfortunately you can't block zero feedback bidders. You can only block negative feedback bidders. As far as the 3-day payment requirement you have on your auctions, Ebay allows 7 days for the bidder to pay, so any requirement you put on your auctions is really meaningless as far as Ebay is concerned. I'm not too sure about the canceling bids thing. I've probably seen hundreds of listings where the seller puts something on their listing to the effect that if you are a zero feedback bidder and do not contact them prior to bidding that they will cancel the bids. I believe Ebay's site will physically allow you to cancel them, but it may be against Ebay policy in some way. I have personally never put a disclosure like that on any of my listings. You can, however, block specific Ebay user IDs from bidding on your auctions. For example if your bidder does not pay, I would definitely block him or her.

    If your bidder does not pay after the 7 days, file a NPB dispute to get your final value fee back. After the dispute is closed, you can re-list your item. I'm also pretty sure that if you re-list you should qualify to have your initial insertion fee refunded if the item sells. I was not aware of the listing fee being refunded until I re-listed an item due to a NPB. Hope this helps, and good luck! :smile:
  3. Another interesting thing to keep in mind ... definitely file NPB if they do not pay, of course. But if they do NOT respond to the NPB, and eBay closes the case and finds in your favor (which of course they will), you can safely leave your bidder negative feedback without fear of retaliation. That bidder can leave you a negative comment if they choose, but eBay will remove the rating and it will not count toward your score.

    However, if they DO respond to the NPB, even if it's to tell you to jump off a bridge, they can leave you neg FB and it will count toward your score.

    I always leave negative feedback for NPBs now that I figured out this process.
  4. I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but why do they have to decide to try and buy my bags?? LOL! It never fails....
  5. I feel your pain, I'm dealing with a zero feedback non paying bidder from Albania as we speak! I knew I should have blocked her ...
  6. Thanks for the info ladies. I also can't believe that one of my first sales is to a non-payer!
  7. Well, at least you can block buyers who are registered in countries to which you don't ship.
    If it helps.

  8. ^^ yikes, "albania"?!?! :wtf:
  9. I understand where you are coming from with blocking people with zero feedback, but that was YOU one day. I know we can get anxious about dealing with ebay virgins, but c'mon you were once one! I never, however, buy from a seller without feedback- that is just asking for trouble!
  10. I wish you could but unfortunately you cannot!
  11. One of my first sales did a chargeback. The buyer had used a stolen credit card! If your gonna sell on e-bay, I guess these things are gonna happen.
  12. Wow thanks for that. I didn't know that. I've just dealt with a no payer and dearly wanted to leave negative feedback. My only problem is they usually respond even though they don't pay. I wish you could leave negative feedback without retaliation even if they did respond.:tdown:
  13. you can't block zero feedback bidder, but you can block people who don't have paypal accounts. after setting up that option, the number of NPBs went down drastically!!!
  14. I don't even know where Albania is! Is it in Europe? I don't really have that many 0 feedback people bid on my things, but I don't really have a problem with them. I find that its often the people with excessive negatives or like 8 or 9 feedbacks that cause trouble and don't pay. We all start from somewhere right? I can't find it in me to block some newbie just for being new. I mean, you can always recoup your fees by filing npb right? I would rather work with someone with 0 than someone with lots of negatives.
  15. On you can :yes: